Is The Speedway Gp Challenge On Tv? [Ultimate Guide!]

I had been searching for an excuse to watch TV for quite some time when ESPN released a new TV show called “NASCAR Tonight”. I was instantly obsessed with it. It is basically an update news show covering NASCAR and the NASCAR scene. Since then, I have been eagerly waiting for each new episode to come out. Unfortunately, it takes a while for new episodes to air (usually a few days) so I have to wait a while to see what happens next. During this time, I found myself wondering…is that all there is to NASCAR? Does it stop there? Where do I find out more?

I decided to do some research and found out a whole lot more than I ever knew before! Here are the answers to the most common questions I was asked. If you have a question not answered here, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


For those of you who are wondering, NASCAR is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. NASCAR was created in 1948 to regulate stock car racing across the country. The first ever race was held that year at Daytona Beach and it was called the Daytona 500. Since then, NASCAR has expanded enormously and it holds an annual meeting each year. The biggest race of the year is called the Grand National. In 2019, the Grand National will be on April 24th.

I would highly recommend you check out the NASCAR website if you are interested in learning more about it. The site has a whole section devoted to explaining the rules and regulations of the sport. It is a lot to take in but it is a great place to start if you are new to the sport.

One of the unique things about NASCAR is the inclusion of women in the sport. Back in 1948, there were no formal rules governing women’s involvement in motorsport, which makes sense because there were no formal rules governing women’s involvement in motorsport at all. The pioneers of NASCAR, Bill France Jr. and Louis Meyer, realized that the only way to grow the sport was to include as many people as possible. So, they created the Winston Women’s League in which they would pit female drivers against each other in a series of modified stock cars. In its first season, the league had twelve races with all of them being high-speed affairs.

Over the years, the ranks of women in NASCAR have grown and it currently has one of the most progressive groups of drivers in the sport. There are female drivers at every level from the kiddie classes all the way up. One of the most well-known female drivers is Danica Patrick, who has a multi-metaphysical brand on social media named “#AskDanica”. If you are a fan of Danica Patrick, you can find her on Twitter.

When Did NASCAR Start?

Since 1948, NASCAR has been around but it wasn’t until the late 1950s that it began to really take off. This was primarily due to the introduction of the “Colorful Crowns”, which honored the winning teams during the season. From that point on, the popularity of the sport began to grow quickly.

It wasn’t just about the colorful crowns though, as additional sponsors began to see the value in associating their brands with NASCAR as well. As more and more brands began to want to be associated with the fastest growing sport in America, teams began to form and the competitive spirit of the sport began to drive it forward. In 1967, NASCAR expanded further to include Winston Cup, which was the premier division at the time. In 1969, Richard Petty became the first driver to win the Grand National four consecutive times, establishing himself as an all-time great. Since then, the sport has largely remained stable, with only slight adjustments to the rules and regulations.

Where Do I Watch NASCAR?

If you want to watch NASCAR, the best option is to subscribe to one of the many TV channel bundles that include ESPN, which covers most of the NASCAR action. You can find out which TV channel includes NASCAR by going to their website and searching for “packages”. There is typically an ESPN+ option, which is the ideal route to go if you want to avoid paying extra for other sports besides NASCAR. You can also find out where to watch the sport live by checking the NASCAR website or searching for “watch online” on their mobile app. You will find a link there that will take you to a page with all of the upcoming races and times that you can stream online.

Does NASCAR Have Any Popular Rallies?

One of the most exciting parts of every NASCAR race is the various sponsor-sponsored fan derbies that occur during the race. Each of these sponsor-sponsored fan derbies are named after famous people or fictional characters and the fans that participate in them are usually the most dedicated in the entire stadium. To give you an idea of how dedicated they are, many of these fans will travel from all over the United States to watch their favorite driver participate in these races. The most popular rivalry in NASCAR right now is the Chevy challenge, which is named after the car brand that is the primary sponsor of the respective drivers involved in the rivalry.

The most decorated rivalry in NASCAR history is the Ford vs Chevy feud. It all started back in 1947 when Billy Carsenty founded a car club with his twin brother Bill, calling themselves the “Carsenti Brothers” and their main purpose was to build better, faster cars than the Ford Motor Company. By 1949, the twins had built six Mustangs and were ready to bring them in for a test drive. However, when they showed up at the Ford garage, all six of the Mustangs were gone. The next day at work, the boss asked the twins where their six Mustangs were and they replied, “We sold them. Here’s the money”. The boss was enraged and suspended the brothers for life. That’s when they decided to take on Ford as their next challenge. Over the years, the twins built a better Mustang, which they named the “Blue Devil”, and they continued to fight Ford until the early 2000s, when NASCAR became increasingly powerful and started enforcing stricter regulations on the size and shape of cars. Since then, the rivalry has largely died down. There is still some mild banter between the two companies but it’s nothing like what it used to be. Nowadays, Ford drivers will jokingly ask Chevy drivers if they are using their new Ford cars to do their chores because the Fords are just that good.

Where Do I Buy NASCAR Merchandise?

If you are a fan of NASCAR, buying merchandise is pretty much unavoidable. The best place to buy official NASCAR merchandise is the NASCAR store, which is located inside of most major shopping centers. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the official store, you can go to a reputable online store and find all of the popular merchandise. Another good option is the various online stores that offer officially licensed merchandise. There are a lot of options available but be careful because some online stores offer heavily discounted merchandise if you are a member of certain social media websites. The best option is to use a reputable, trusted online store that offers good quality merchandise at a decent price point.

As you might imagine, NASCAR is not just about racing. The sport involves a lot of corporate sponsorships, which lead to numerous opportunities for members of the public to get involved. For example, there is the famous Monster Truck Match race that takes place every Wednesday night during the season. Each truck is sponsored by a different company and the best drivers in the racing industry ride them all the way to victory. There are also other sponsor-sponsored fan derbies and random chances to participate in some form, which is how you might be able to get involved in NASCAR. For more information on this, check out the NASCAR website or the official Monster Truck website.


If you are wondering, “Is NASCAR on Tv?” The answer is yes! It is easily one of the most popular sports on TV. It is available for everyone to see anywhere in the world via online streaming. The best time to watch NASCAR is usually between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm ET, which is late-night TV time, so try to find a tape or stream that fits those times. Since there are so many rules and regulations surrounding the sport, it can be difficult to find the right video to stream or watch. Fortunately, there are hundreds of unofficial channels on YouTube that feature all of the races from the past. You can find these videos by doing a quick Google search.

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