Is The Speedway Motel Speedway Indiana Still There? [Ultimate Guide!]

In case you had forgotten, the Speedway Motel was once the mecca for racers everywhere. For decades, the place was packed with race teams, famous drivers, and everyday folks just looking to beat the traffic. There was even a time when teams would park in the middle of the night so they could practice in the morning before heading into the tracks.

Unfortunately, as with many great things, time takes its toll. The motel is now mostly vacant, and teams have started to slowly disappear. Only the diehard fanatics remain, along with the teams that are looking for that little something extra. The days of bringing your team clothes and sleeping in the cars are over. Nowadays, drivers and teams need to plan their trips to the motel well in advance or risk missing their flight.

But even the diehards are starting to notice something different about the place. The parking lots are turning over, and the rooms aren’t what they used to be. Most notably, the pool is getting awfully crowded these days. It seems that even those that no longer remember the good old days are finding their way back. With the right renovation and a few new features, the Speedway Motel could become a whole lot more attractive to prospective guests. Here’s a quick glimpse at how you can make your motel shine again.

Update The Rooms

The rooms at the Speedway Motel are quite literally falling apart. They’re not just a little old and broken either, the entire structure is literally rotting away. There are a number of elements that you can incorporate into your renovation project to give the rooms some contemporary appeal. But first, you have to decide what you’re going for. Are you going for a traditional look all around with faux finishing, or do you want to update the interior with a modern vibe? Perhaps you want to bring back the original Americana motel hotel feel with hardwood floors and brightly painted walls? Finding the right look is essential to the renovation process, but it’s also very personal to you as a guest.

Revisit The Car Culture

If you happen to be one of the few remaining diehard fans of the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you have an opportunity to bring back the golden era of motor racing with a bang. You can start by inviting teams back for a race weekend. After all, the more the merrier, right? The more people in the pool, the more opportunities for a swim-up contest. And who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned swim-up contest?

Bringing back the car culture at the speedway means reviving the old-school racing experience with all the trimmings. You can get your hands on a number of vintage automobiles, from cars to planes. The key to making them work is proper upkeep. While many motorsport fanatics maintain their vehicles with serious work, it’s still relatively easy to bring them back to life. Properly fixing up a vintage car takes time and effort, however. It would be best to have a professional do it for you, or at least get someone who knows what they’re doing. Doing it yourself may end up being more costly than you’d think, in both money and time. Don’t expect to get everything done in a single day.

Recreate The Atmosphere

One of the things that made the Speedway Motel so special was its location. The hotel was literally right next to the track, and the roar of the engines could be heard throughout the night. You can bring that same atmosphere back with the right renovations. While the building itself might suffer from a few minor flaws (it’s a little on the small side), it still holds a lot of charm. You can put screens up on the windows to help block out some of the noise, or place a small stereo in the room to help recreate that racing atmosphere.

The most important thing to consider about bringing back the atmosphere is the people. You’re not really recreating the atmosphere unless you recreate the vibe. It’s an opportunity to bring something unique to the table – to the town of Indianapolis and the world of motor racing. Bring back the good old days, and you’ll have something special on your hands. You can start by advertising the place on social media and through word of mouth. Once you have a few confirmed reservations, you can start working on the finer details. The more input you get from the guests, the better the experience will be. With the right touch, the Speedway Motel can become the talk of the town again.

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