Is The Tron Ride Replacing The Speedway? [Answered!]

The name Tron is now virtually synonymous with the amusement park ride that transports guests in circles above a glowing screen. But as the years have gone by, the arcade-inspired attraction has changed — and not in the ways that one might expect. It began with a gradual process of technological advancement that saw the lightbulb replaced by a glowing screen, and then a series of additional attractions built atop the original design. Today, the Tron franchise is almost unrecognizable from the original concept.

How Did The Tron Rides Evolve?

The modern-day Tron rides are located at Disney parks around the world, with the exception of Tokyo Disney Resort where the iconic attraction still resides. The first Tron ride opened in Walt Disney World in 1989 and was an immediate success. Its innovative design and colorful graphics proved to be the epitome of the entertainment experience sought by millennials and baby boomers alike.

Tron rides at Disney World and other Disney-owned parks are extremely popular, commanding hourly rates often exceeding $25. A report from the New York Times in November 2019 found that people were willing to pay more for a fast-paced experience compared to those who wanted to take it easy and spend more time in the park.

The original Tron at Disney World closed in 2019 and was replaced with the more streamlined Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. The new ride, which opened in April, is a space-themed adventure that transports guests in the cockpit of the infamous “stealin’ bird.” While the thrill of the chase is the core theme of the attraction, the story focuses on the journey to become an astronaut, exploring themes of inspiration, hope and courage.

What Will The 2020 Rides At Disney World Look Like?

The Tron rides at Disney World are always a major talking point, and not just because of their popularity. The process of designing and constructing a Disney theme park is an extensive one, and the company relies heavily on using cutting-edge technology and implementing new procedures to keep their projects on schedule and within budget. It is no surprise, then, that the design of the Tron rides will see a significant update for the upcoming summer season at Disney World.

It is likely that the most recognizable features of the new attraction will be the use of motion sensing technology and 3D graphics on a large canvas. The latter is already commonplace in the world of design and advertising and will prove to be a useful tool in creating immersive experiences.

Additionally, guests can look forward to more traditional rides throughout the year as Disney explores cost-effective ways to re-energize their older parks. For example, a new Jungle Cruise ride will open at Disneyland Paris in March next year and will be set in a lush rainforest instead of a glass-walled boat.

There is no question that the Tron franchise was a significant factor in revitalizing the Disney parks in the ‘90s, appealing to a massive audience of Gen-X and millennials around the world. But as the series has progressed, it is clear that the scope of what the attraction is trying to deliver has changed, too.

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