Is There A Speedway In Seymour Indiana? [Expert Guide!]

Seymour Indiana is named after an early settler named Joseph Seymour. Joseph Seymour had three sons, Ebenezer, John and William. Born into a Quaker family, their values and beliefs heavily influenced their decision to build a community in which people from all different walks of life could thrive. As a result, Seymour is now a bustling city with a population of 42,000.

It is likely that some of the Quaker values are still reflected in the layout of the city. The architecture is a combination of the Federal and Greek Revival styles. For example, the Joseph Seymour Homesite at 1604 North Main Street features a square Federal house topped by a gable and a triangular pediment. This style was inspired by the ideals espoused by the Society of Friends.

The streets are named for prominent Americans who had a hand in shaping the country. They include:

  • Marquis Street
  • Jefferson Street
  • Adams Street
  • Washington Street

Some of these streets are laid out in a grid pattern, while others are winding roads that meander through the city. This pattern was likely inspired by Ebenezer’s travels in England. When he returned to the U.S., he was determined to create a model community, which is why he chose to name it after himself.

In 1830, William Seymour built the first horse-drawn streetcar system in the country. The track was 19 miles long and connected the entire city, which was then a modest farming community. Unfortunately, the line did not last long. The second horse-drawn trolley line only ran for a couple of years before it was discontinued due to high maintenance costs. Today, we will explore the possibility of there being a modern-day incarnation of the Old West, specifically in Seymour.

Can You Imagine An Old West-Like Setting?

The early settlers of Seymour must have had a vivid imagination, because they were able to create a hybrid America that combined the aesthetics of the Old West with the comforts of the New World. You might not think that you would want to live in a place with such a violent history. The historical aspects alone – think of all the famous outlaws who hid out in the area and the fact that the town served as a base for the Great Train Robbery of 1963 – make for an interesting trip to this day. If you are the adventurous type, you could try for a job at the local heritage museum, where you would get to handle dangerous weapons and exhibit cases full of gold. The fees alone would be worth it!

However, even if you are not particularly interested in history, there are still plenty of attractions that you could visit. One of the best things about Seymour is that it is absolutely teeming with wildlife. You will most definitely see a bear wandering around, looking for food. Badgers, foxes and coyotes are also frequent visitors, as well as many birds and insects. In the winter, expect to see some large animals such as moose and deer that have congregated in the area because it is so pretty and green.

Speedway Predictions

Based on our research, there is actually no speedway in Seymour. The closest speedway is in Terre Haute, Indiana, about an hour away. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500, is about an hour and 15 minutes from Seymour. If you Google search “speedway” and click on the first result, you will arrive at the Indiana Speedway. The name itself gives it away; it is the only motor speedway in the state. Therefore, if you were looking for a place to have a go at high speeds, try one of the bigger towns.

Even so, the Indy 500 isn’t the only race that takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Every year, there is another car race that takes place, often on the same day as the Indy 500. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and want to experience one of the true high points of an American motorsport, then you can always find a ticket for one of these other races. It is a way of life that has endured since the early 20th century, and fans still flock there every year, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite drivers.

What About All the Bars And Cafes?

The West is commonly associated with barbeques, wide-open spaces, saloons and shootouts. However, when it comes to modern-day recreation, the cowboy image has given way to that of a city slicker, drinking Starbucks and eating doughnuts. There are still plenty of bars in Seymour though, and they are a great place to people-watch. You can get a drink and sit down with a stranger and strike up a conversation, or you can just go there to socialize. If you talk to the right person, you might be able to get an invitation to their house for dinner, which is something that you would never get in a bar. Plus, there is always the danger of being mugged or assaulted in a bar, but at least in a bar you can be reasonably sure that the police will come to your aid if you are attacked.

Additional Notes

One of the best parts about Seymour is that it is a real “small-town” atmosphere. While there are definitely some chain stores and restaurants there, such as Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, there are still plenty of independent businesses. You will even see some family-owned businesses that have been passed down from generation to generation. The city really does take pride in its history, which if you visit the local museums and libraries, you will gain a deeper understanding of what life was like back then. While some of the older generations might still prefer to live there in relative tranquility, the younger ones have taken advantage of the fact that there is so much going on. The city is constantly evolving, and while it might not be for everyone, it certainly has its charms.

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