Is There A Speedway In Weedsport New York? [Facts!]

Located in Western New York, Weedsport is a small town full of big-city aspirations. While the town itself may be small, its impact on motorsports is undeniable. Not only is it home to the Genesee Country Club, but it also happens to be the site of the Upstate New York State Fair, one of the most famous auto racing events in the country. Is there any truth to the rumors that this small town is actually the center of racing in America? Let’s take a look.

A Motoring Mecca

If the Upstate New York State Fair isn’t proof enough, just look at how fast the town’s population is growing. In the year 2000, Weedsport had almost no vacant housing units. Today, there are more than 500 properties available for purchase, and new development continues to transform the town. While there are no figures available, it’s safe to assume that somewhere around 10,000 people live in Weedsport today.

The sheer volume of new people calls for new ways of doing things, and it seems that several businesses have heeded the call for change. The Genesee Country Club, for example, has invested heavily in new properties, and today it features some of the most luxurious amenities found anywhere in the region. The result is a town that’s always been known for its blue-collar work ethic taking a turn for the posh.

Rocking The Quarter-Mile

The biggest news story to emerge from Weedsport in recent years has to be the construction of the Genesee Country Club quarter-mile track. Opened in the summer of 2011, the new track continues the town’s reputation as a place where men and women can still have a good time together while also pursuing their respective interests. Now, with a new racetrack and surrounding hotels, it seems the saying “country club” doesn’t quite fit anymore.

Rumors of a new racetrack in the region began in the early 2000s, and in 2007 the town council passed an ordinance specifically making it legal to build such a facility. The following year, amid a national housing crisis, several real estate brokers got the ball rolling on one of the largest real estate projects in recent history. Today, with more than 500 construction jobs and a completion date set for next summer, the quarter-mile track will surely be worth the wait.

The new facility will feature grandstands and suites for suites, along with a large paddock equipped with locker rooms, offices, and a medical center. While the club is understandably excited about the new addition to its community, members are also mindful about the need to preserve the town’s existing green space, particularly around the fairgrounds. The debate over the future of the Ruggles Street Fairgrounds, where the Upstate New York State Fair is held each year, rages on.

Located in the heart of town, the Ruggles Street Fairgrounds is more than just a place where the Upstate New York State Fair is held. For more than a century, the fairgrounds have been the site of rallies, concerts, and other large community events. In addition to the annual state fair, the location is also home to the Western New York Agricultural Society, the Weedsport Fishing Club, and a private golf club. While none of these entities need each other, it’s fair to say that they all depend on the continued existence of the Ruggles Street Fairgrounds for their very survival. The future of the site, however, is anything but certain.

If you’re wondering what the next big thing in Weedsport will be, look no further than the Genesee Country Club. Situated on the outskirts of town, this prestigious organization continues to lead the way in local business. From its well-deserved reputation for excellence to its continued commitment to the community, it’s clear that this blue-collar town is finding its way into the sports mainstream.

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