Is There Any Car Races And Kentucky Speedway? [Expert Review!]

When it comes to motorsport events, few places are as iconic as Kentucky Speedway. Since its opening in 1968, hundreds of thousands of Formula One fans have made the trip to Mayfield each year to see cars hurtling around the track in what is arguably the greatest motorsport venue of all time. To honour the rich history of this legendary track and its incredible fans, here are some fun facts about the place!

Fun Facts About Kentucky Speedway

When you think of motorsport, chances are you think of Kentucky Speedway first – and that’s absolutely fair because it’s one of the most historic tracks in the world. Established in 1968, the 1.5-mile oval has hosted some pretty memorable races over the years, including the first Brickyard 400 (known then as the Firecracker 400) and the All-Star Race. Several famous American drivers have called the track home, including Richard Petty, the King, and Darrell Waltrip, the former network commentator who went on to become the all-time winningest driver in NASCAR history. It wasn’t until 2007 that they started moving the grandstands to make way for a safer pit lane, meaning fewer accidents and a better viewing experience for everyone. The old pits and garages became Museums Row – a place where you can learn more about the history of racing in the USA and see some of the coolest cars and most iconic helmets from the era. It is rumoured that since the safety changes, the attendance at the track has dropped significantly, meaning fewer people getting into accidents and more people interested in watching the racing. We guess everybody wins in that scenario!

If you’re a NASCAR fan, you’ve probably heard of the track (and probably even been there). So have a look at the following list of fun facts about the place:


The grand opening of the track was on May 11, 1968, and it quickly became clear that this was going to be more than just a regular racetrack. After watching the first Indianapolis 500 in 1960, a group of entrepreneurs decided that they wanted to bring the excitement of the big race to the small town. With just 500 people in its population at the time, what was once known as “the speedway” quickly became a popular destination for families and friends who loved to come together and watch cars go round and round the track. More than any other place on this list, the history of Kentucky Speedway is about the people who have made it what it is today: passionate, dedicated followers of motorsport who love their cars and their sport.


Nowadays it’s commonplace for tracks to have a police presence during events, but back in 1968 this was something completely new. There were no mobile phones, instant messaging, or social media – nothing but a lot of cars and a lot of dust. Seeing as this was the ‘70s, the majority of the deputies were probably pretty into their cars too. There were no barricades between drivers and fans, and security was very relaxed at the time. You’d probably need a warrant to stop and search someone these days. There were however, some nasty incidents at the track which could’ve been avoided with a little more security. In 2015 a fan was killed after sneaking into the track and stabbing a man in the neck with a knife. Sadly, the stabbing happened right as a race was about to start, and the victim’s family is still deciding whether to sue the track for negligence or not.


Back in the ‘70s the track was running on a very tight budget, and so the owners decided to add capacity to their stand area by building an additional one. This new grandstand area was designed to hold around 5,000 people and featured a huge screen for everyone to watch the race together. Nowadays the stadium holds closer to 10,000 and has a separate section for VIPs.


It was around this time that they decided to stretch their budget a little further and rent a helicopter to get some aerial shots for the track’s website. The first season of helicopter tours was incredibly cool because they’d fly over the track and let you see it from on high – something that you can’t easily do from the ground. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when the helicopter pilot became disorientated and had to make an emergency landing. Before you knew it, the whole thing turned into a complete disaster. Due to safety concerns and a general fear of flying, the tour was cancelled after the first season.


If you live in the UK and you’ve heard of the annual Brickyard 400, then you’ve probably also heard of the infamous race that was held every year in October until 1978. The ‘Brickyard 400′ was actually banned in Indiana because of excessive accidents and resulting deaths. As a result, NASCAR decided to hold the race in Kentucky. The name was changed to the “All-Star Race” in the ‘90s, and it eventually became just another race on the schedule. It wasn’t until 2014 that they decided to bring the event back to its former self, renaming it the “Brickyard 400″ once again. It may not be the most popular race on the calendar, but it’s one of the all-time great motorsport events and definitely worth a trip to Kentucky just to take part in!


Some of the most interesting aspects of the track are the inner workings of the place. As well as the cars and the dust, NASCAR has also left its mark on Kentucky Speedway. In addition to the playgrounds, they built a whole other area of the track specifically for children – themed after a farm field. It’s a place where they can play cricket, ride tractors, and have fun activities all around the track. The organisers even built a water slide so that kids can cool off after playing in the heat! One area of the track has also been designed to look like a jungle – an area where spectators can get a feeling of being transported into a movie, with vines, trees, and even fake snakes and spiders! It’s one of the most unique venues for spectators – especially because of the fact that some of the activities are designed to be family-friendly.


You might notice that there are a lot of police cars at the track these days. That’s because the owners have decided to be extra vigilant about safety and have called on the help of the officers in patrolling the area around the track – particularly during events. It’s one thing to have a police presence at an expensive race track, but it’s another thing when there’s no danger involved.

There are some dangerous spots around the track, particularly in the infield, and they’re not recommended for children or those with heart disorders. However, overall it’s a fairly safe place to be and the owners do a great job of keeping an eye on things – making sure that everyone has a good time.

And, as we mentioned, a lot of the action takes place at night – something that you might not see at a traditional sports venue. That’s because the cars are designed to work well in the dark, and it means that there’s often some late-night/early-morning noise as people leave the events and head home.

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