Is There Food At The Evergreen Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

There is no doubt that the evergreen speedway has become a Mecca for racing fans. With the unique combination of lush tree-lined boulevards and nostalgic music, it has been captivating audiences worldwide. The unique setting of the speedway coupled with the historic appeal of the Milwaukee Road makes this place a special destination for those who love motor racing.

Though many may argue that there is a dearth of good food options at the speedway, we beg to differ. While there isn’t a single restaurant that can be considered a rager, the culinary offerings at the speedway are absolutely exquisite. From traditional German food to authentic Italian specialties, there is something here for everyone.

Here are some of the best food options at the evergreen speedway:

The Bratskeller

Let’s start our culinary tour with the bratskeller. For those unfamiliar, a bratskeller is a type of German pub or restaurant that specializes in serving sausages and other Germanic delights. The name Bratskeller is a combination of the words ‘bratwurst’ (German for ‘sausage’) and ‘keller’ (German for ‘cellar’).

The bratskeller at the evergreen speedway is a perfect example of the German cuisine that is so exquisite at this location. The entranceway is lined with heavy wooden booths, and as you look down the bar you will see a variety of delicious sausages hanging from the ceiling. If you’re looking for a place to eat before the race, this is the spot to do it. Though the bratskeller is extremely popular before the start of the race as well, that’s probably because of the beer that’s served here. The brews served at the bratskeller are not your ordinary variety found at a typical bar. The beer here is chosen carefully, and reflects the German culture. Naturally, there is also a wide selection of American beers as well if you’re from this side of the pond.

The German Restaurant

Want to try an authentic German restaurant? The German Restaurant at the evergreen speedway is the place to do it. Set within the historic Keller House, this restaurant serves the traditional German food that we know and love. Though traditional in nature, the menu also features a variety of American and Italian dishes that are done to perfection.

A highlight of the German Restaurant is undoubtedly their crepes. The house specialty is the Waffelstrudel, which is made with pastry and apples. Served in a waffle iron, this dessert is something else. Though it may look simple, it takes a lot of skill and training to make a perfect waffelstrudel.

Tacos & Margaritas

Another option for those looking for a pre-race snack are the tacos and margaritas at the evergreen speedway. Though there isn’t a whole lot of variety, these are some pretty decent taco options. The fish tacos here are particularly good. Made with tilapia and accompanied by a jalapeno slaw, these tacos are light yet filling. As for the margaritas, they are made with silver tequila and a squeeze of lime. If you’re looking for a pre-race drink, these would be a great option as well.

The Wine Cellar

Though the options for pre-race snacks are pretty limited at the evergreen speedway, there is a wide selection of wines available here for those looking to indulge. Naturally, this is where you want to be before the big race kicks off. Located just inside the front gate, this is the perfect place to pour yourself a glass of bubbly or fine wine and enjoy the company of others who share your enthusiasm for motor racing.

The Cream Soda Shop

The cream soda shop at the evergreen speedway serves the very popular root beer float. Though this may not sound like a meal to you, it’s been known to be a popular stop before the race for those looking for a pre-race snack. The cream soda shop serves ice cream, too, so you can get your dairy fix before the big race. Root beer floats here are made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and chocolate fudge toppings, and an entire bottle of root beer. Sounds like a perfect pre-race meal, doesn’t it?

The Chocolate Fountain

Chocolat is a French company best known for their luxury chocolatries and handmade candies. One of the most unique and popular desserts at the evergreen speedway is their chocolate fountain. This is a dessert fountain, so you can actually pour your favorite chocolate on top of ice cream and other frozen desserts. It is said that each time you visit the chocolate fountain, your taste buds are tantalized a little more. The chocolate fountain here is operated by a gracious woman named Gail, who has been serving up chocolate goodness for over 30 years.

The Blue Ribbon Café

Though each of the food options at the evergreen speedway are first-class, there’s one particular establishment that takes the cake. Known for their steaks and seafood, the Blue Ribbon Café offers something a little different for those looking for a pre-race meal. Made with filet mignon and other lean, organic meats, these steaks are something to behold. Naturally, you’ll also find fresh seafood here, too, like Maine lobster and Chesapeake Bay crab cakes. These aren’t ordinary steaks you’ll find at a typical bar. It’s worth the trip here just for one of these. Plus, you get to enjoy all of the nostalgic memorabilia from bygone eras.

There, now you know the best food options at the evergreen speedway. Though the food isn’t too crazy, it’s wonderful. You may not find the most unique eateries in North America, but you will certainly find the best at the evergreen speedway. This place has it all – from humble beginnings as a bicycle racing track to becoming a mecca for racing fans. Though some might argue there’s not much to do at the speedway these days, you would be surprised by how much there is. Between the historic charm and the delectable food, it’s clear why this place continues to be a pilgrimage for everyone who loves motor racing.

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