Is There Lights At Texas Motor Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

Texas Motor Speedway is one of the largest racetracks in the United States. It is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The speedway holds five NASCAR races annually, as well as one race for the Sports Car Club of America. Its half-mile, high-banked oval is considered among the most challenging in the country. The track recently underwent a $40 million retrofitting project to bring it up to modern safety standards. It also added more frills and amenities to the speedway, such as more hotel rooms and food courts. Lights have always been a huge part of any motorsport race, and this article will tell you what changes have been made at Texas Motor Speedway.

New Lighting

One of the most noticeable changes is the new lighting system at the track. The lights were changed from mercury vapor to high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. The new lighting system is more effective and durable than the old one. It is also a lot more energy-efficient. This is important for the sustainable growth of the sport.

Increased Safety

Another safety feature that was added at the track is a SAFER barrier, which stands for Standardized Automotive Fuze-Resistance Environmental (SAFER) barrier. SAFER barriers are an automotive safety innovation developed by Dr. Paul O’Brien. O’Brien is a former police officer who worked for the Ford Motor Company. The walls that the barrier is mounted on were designed by the same firm that manufactured the barbed wire used to fence in yards. The fencing wire is wrapped in plastic to keep sharp objects from injuring themselves on it. This makes the barrier look like a giant picket fence with car motors replacing the pickets.

Remodeled Entrance And Exits

When a person enters the Texas Motor Speedway through one of the entrances, there are several changes that will greet them. The most obvious one is the remodeled entrance. The grandstands and speedway itself have been completely redone. Another major change is the new bridge that connects the parking lot to the track. The bridge was originally built in 1973 and was designed by the same team that designed the speedway. It was also built with heavy concrete to withstand high speeds.

Added Hospitality

To accommodate the extra fans that came with the new safety measures, more amenities were added to the track. These include the new hotel rooms, more food courts, and an enhanced press box. The staff at the speedway now have to follow a certain protocol before allowing anyone on the track. This is to ensure that everyone follows the proper racing etiquette. The hospitality offered at the track is one of the best in the country. Guests can have a nice meal and watch the races together.

Revised Track Surface

One of the most important changes that came with increased safety was the revised track surface. The original track surface was laid down in 1914 and, since then, has been modified several times. The asphalt was resurfaced with fiberglass and polyester fibers. The entire surface was rolled and pressed to improve traction. It was also baked at high temperatures to make it more durable. In 2011, Texas Motor Speedway‘s track surface was redone with an intermediate layer of limestone dust between the asphalt and a top layer of dirt. This makes the surface more environmentally sound.

Retrofitting Project

Finally, we come to the $40 million retrofitting project that was recently completed at Texas Motor Speedway. The track underwent a comprehensive retrofitting project to bring it up to modern safety standards. It also had to be compliant with the FIA’s (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or International Automobile Federation) Single Vehicle Safety Standard (SVSS), which mandates that all cars in a race must be equipped with functional safety gear. The track’s builders, Jerry Jones and Brad Jones, had to follow FIA safety protocols when building the track. The project began in 2015 and took about a year to complete. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Texas Motor Speedway, said that the money from the project will go towards upgrading the amenities and making the experience more pleasant for the race fans.

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