Is Wolverhampton Speedway On Tonight? [Expert Review!]

The excitement is building as the racing season is just a few weeks away. Now is the perfect time to start planning your motorsport schedule for the year. One of the biggest events on the calendar is the mighty Wolverhampton Speedway, located in England. The first meetings will take place this Saturday night and the event will go on until Monday morning. With temperatures rising and fans getting hungry for some motorsport, it is time to put your feet up and relax with an ice-tea while you wait for the action to begin. This article is going to go over some of the key dates for the upcoming week. After reading this you will have everything you need to know about the biggest race of the year. Don’t forget to follow all the action live on social media using the #MillionRace hashtag.

Saturday, August 11

This Saturday night will see the first of three meetings at the legendary Wolverhampton Speedway. With a bit of luck, you might even catch sight of a couple of famous British racing drivers duking it out in front of an appreciative home crowd. After missing two meetings due to the Covid restrictions, fans finally get the chance to see some high-speed action. It will be great to have the chance to come together and catch some races at the center of English motorsport. The first meeting will kick off at 7:00 pm GMT. Don’t forget that during the season, there will be two late-night meetings due to the Daylight Savings Time switch.

Sunday, August 12

This coming Sunday will see a return to action for the beloved Wolverhampton Speedway. With two full meetings to choose from, fans will have a chance to see some world-class racing. Even if you don’t follow motorsport, you will still appreciate the spectacle that is the English countryside taking on cars, bikes, and trucks in a variety of classes and championships. The first meeting will get underway at 5:00 pm GMT. You will want to get a good spot early as the stands close at 6:00 pm. The first three hours will be half-price before the standard admission price kicks in. That should help alleviate some of the early-bird pain. Make sure to bring cash as all the purchases, including food and drink, will be cash-on-the-spot.

Monday, August 13

One more return visit to the glorious Wolverhampton Speedway for the regular Monday night meeting. Two full days of high-speed thrills should make up for the long wait between meetings. The last meeting will get underway at 5:00 pm GMT on Monday. Just make sure you get there early as the gates will close at 6:00 pm. This coming Monday night will be the final chance to see some of the big names in motorsport before the season draws to a close. While you’re there, it would be wise to get a good look at some of the up-coming events. You might just find a race that will knock your socks off. If not, there is always the annual awards ceremony to look forward to. It is a real tear-jerker when the awards are presented. There is also usually a great party that follows the ceremony. You might even catch sight of a famous British driver or two having a quiet drink. It is always a great night. Monday is one of the few days where it is sunny enough to make it to the track without sunglasses. So, if the sun is beaming down, it could be a good time to take a nap. Otherwise, grab a pint and some fish and chips and enjoy the race.

Tuesday, August 14

The final day of the English racing season is here. After missing two meetings due to the Covid restrictions, fans can now get back out on the track. While there won’t be any more meetings until next year, it is time to go on the hunt for a new season. The gates will be open from 4:00 pm onwards, so make sure to get there early to get a good spot. Enjoy one last fling as one of the greatest sports arenas in the world. You cannot miss this event. Go on social media using the #MillionRace hashtag to keep up with all the news and action.

That was quite a lot to cover. All the details about the biggest event in English motorsport. As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of the Wolverhampton Speedway. It is one of the greatest sporting arenas in the world and it is time for you to see why. If you’ve never been there, it’s a must-see. If you have, it’s a shame you haven’t been for a while. With only one race left this year, it would be a shame to go without seeing some of the action one last time.

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