Unveiling the Mystery: Why Speedway Gas Stations Have TV Screens?

Speedway gas stations have been the talk of the town for their in-store TV screens. What started as a novelty is now a common sight at their gas stations. But, have you ever wondered why Speedway gas stations have TV screens in their stores?

The answer lies in the power of visual marketing. Speedway understands the importance of creating an immersive experience for their customers, even while they are pumping gas. The screens are strategically placed to catch customers’ attention and keep them engaged while they wait.

Partnering with Gas Station TV, Speedway offers a range of content, from news updates to sports highlights. The screens not only serve as a form of entertainment but also provide relevant information that customers may find useful.

If you’re curious about the benefits of Speedway’s TV screens and how they set them apart from other gas stations, keep reading. We’ll dive into the details of Speedway’s partnership with Gas Station TV and how they enhance the wait time experience.

Revolutionizing the Gas Station Experience

Speedway is not just another gas station, and their in-store TV screens are just one example of how they are revolutionizing the gas station experience. Through technology and innovative partnerships, Speedway is setting itself apart from other gas stations and creating a more immersive and convenient experience for their customers.

Partnering with Gas Station TV

  • Gas Station TV is a leader in digital out-of-home advertising and provides Speedway with a platform to showcase dynamic and engaging content.
  • The screens at Speedway gas stations offer a range of content, including news, sports highlights, and entertainment, providing customers with an enjoyable experience while they wait.
  • Gas Station TV allows Speedway to display custom content tailored to specific regions or customer demographics, ensuring that customers receive relevant and engaging information.

Mobile Payment and Rewards

Speedway has also made it easier for customers to pay for their gas and other purchases through their mobile app. With features like mobile payment and rewards, customers can easily pay for their gas and snacks without ever having to leave their car.

Expanded Food and Drink Options

Speedway has also expanded its food and drink options, offering a wide range of snacks and drinks to customers on the go. With partnerships with major brands like Coca-Cola and Hershey’s, customers can find their favorite snacks and drinks at any Speedway location.

Understanding the Power of Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is a powerful tool that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It refers to the use of images, videos, and other visual elements to promote a product or service. It has been proven to be more effective than traditional marketing techniques, such as text-based ads, as it captures the attention of the viewer quickly and has a greater impact on their memory. This is why many businesses have started incorporating visual elements into their marketing strategies, including gas stations.

Gas stations are no longer just a place to fill up your car with gasoline. They have become a hub of activity, offering a range of services and products, including food, beverages, and convenience items. Gas station owners have recognized the importance of creating an engaging and memorable experience for their customers. This is where visual marketing comes into play.

Benefits of Visual Marketing in Gas Stations

  • Increases Sales: Visual marketing has been shown to increase sales by up to 80%. When customers see images and videos of products, they are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Enhances Brand Awareness: Visual marketing helps to create a strong brand image and increase brand recognition. This is important for gas stations, as it helps to differentiate them from their competitors.
  • Improves Customer Experience: Visual marketing can make the gas station experience more enjoyable and memorable for customers, which can increase their loyalty to the brand.

Examples of Visual Marketing in Gas Stations

Gas stations have been incorporating various visual elements into their marketing strategies to create a more engaging and memorable experience for their customers. Some examples include:

  • TV Screens: Many gas stations now have TV screens at their pumps, displaying advertisements and news content. This keeps customers entertained and engaged while they wait for their car to fill up.
  • Branded Signage: Branded signage helps to create a strong brand image and increase brand recognition. This can include everything from the gas station’s logo to the design of their pumps and signage.
  • LED Lighting: LED lighting can be used to create an eye-catching and visually appealing display. This can be used to promote products or services or to create an ambiance in the gas station’s store or car wash.


Visual marketing has become an essential tool for businesses, including gas stations. By incorporating visual elements into their marketing strategies, gas stations can increase sales, enhance brand awareness, and improve the overall customer experience. Whether it’s through TV screens, branded signage, or LED lighting, visual marketing is a powerful way to make your gas station stand out from the crowd.

The Benefits of In-Store Digital Signage

In-store digital signage has become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. This technology offers a range of benefits that can help businesses improve their marketing efforts, engage customers, and increase sales.

Firstly, in-store digital signage provides businesses with a platform to showcase their products and services in a dynamic and engaging way. Unlike traditional static signage, digital signage can display animations, videos, and other forms of multimedia to capture customers’ attention and convey more information about products and services.

Increased Engagement

Secondly, in-store digital signage can increase customer engagement by delivering targeted and relevant content. By analyzing data such as customer demographics, purchase history, and online behavior, businesses can tailor their digital signage content to better resonate with their audience. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as higher sales and revenue.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Thirdly, in-store digital signage is a cost-effective way to advertise products and services. Unlike traditional advertising methods such as print and broadcast media, digital signage allows businesses to create and update content quickly and easily, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming production processes. Additionally, digital signage can be used to promote new products or services, offer discounts and promotions, and showcase customer testimonials and reviews, all of which can help drive sales and increase revenue.

Improved Customer Experience

In conclusion, in-store digital signage can help businesses improve their marketing efforts, engage customers, and increase sales. By delivering targeted and relevant content, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, while also reducing costs associated with traditional advertising methods. Furthermore, digital signage can create a more immersive and enjoyable shopping experience for customers, which can help foster positive relationships between businesses and their customers.

Speedway’s Partnership with Gas Station TV

Speedway, one of the largest convenience store chains in the United States, has partnered with Gas Station TV (GSTV) to enhance their customers’ experience while fueling up their vehicles. GSTV is a digital media company that operates in over 3,000 gas stations across the country. They provide engaging content, including news, sports, entertainment, and advertisements on high-definition screens at gas pumps.

Through this partnership, Speedway aims to offer their customers a convenient and entertaining experience while filling up their tanks. GSTV’s digital screens offer a captive audience to advertisers, with a guaranteed view time of 1-2 minutes per ad. This allows Speedway to increase their revenue while providing valuable content to their customers.

Benefits of Speedway’s Partnership with GSTV

  • Increased Revenue: With the captive audience provided by GSTV’s digital screens, Speedway can increase their revenue by offering valuable advertising space.
  • Better Customer Experience: Customers can enjoy engaging content while filling up their tanks, providing a more enjoyable experience that can encourage repeat business.
  • Targeted Advertising: GSTV’s platform allows for targeted advertising, ensuring that ads are shown to the appropriate audience based on location, demographics, and other factors.

Success of Speedway’s Partnership with GSTV

Speedway’s partnership with GSTV has been successful in improving their customers’ experience while fueling up. According to a survey conducted by GSTV, 82% of customers reported that they enjoyed watching content on the digital screens, and 1 in 4 customers made a purchase as a result of seeing an ad on GSTV.

The partnership has also been successful for advertisers. GSTV’s targeted advertising has allowed brands to reach their desired audience effectively. In a survey conducted by GSTV, 94% of advertisers reported that their ads were seen by the intended audience, and 73% reported that GSTV provided a better return on investment compared to other media channels.


Speedway’s partnership with GSTV has proven to be a successful investment. The use of digital signage has enhanced the customer experience while fueling up and has provided valuable advertising space for brands. This partnership is a testament to the power of technology in improving business operations and customer satisfaction.

Keeping Customers Engaged While They Pump

For gas stations, creating an engaging experience for customers while they pump their gas can be a challenge. Fortunately, new technology has made it easier to keep customers entertained and informed.

One way to keep customers engaged is through the use of digital screens on the pump. These screens can display a variety of content, from news and weather updates to advertisements and promotions for in-store products. By providing relevant and interesting information, gas stations can keep customers engaged and make the pumping experience more enjoyable.

Customizable Promotions

  • Gas stations can use digital screens to display promotions for in-store products, such as snacks or drinks.
  • These promotions can be customized to target specific customers based on factors such as time of day or location.

News and Weather Updates

Another way to keep customers engaged is by providing them with up-to-date news and weather information.

  • Digital screens can display current weather conditions, as well as forecasts for the upcoming days.
  • News updates can provide customers with the latest headlines and breaking news, helping them stay informed while they pump their gas.

Interactive Content

Finally, gas stations can use digital screens to provide interactive content for customers to engage with while they pump their gas.

  • For example, screens can display trivia questions or other games for customers to play while they wait for their tanks to fill up.
  • This type of content not only keeps customers engaged, but it can also encourage them to spend more time at the gas station, potentially leading to additional sales.

Overall, digital screens on gas pumps provide a unique opportunity for gas stations to engage with customers in a meaningful way. By providing relevant and interesting content, gas stations can create a more enjoyable pumping experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Enhancing the Wait Time Experience

Waiting at a gas station pump can be a tedious and uneventful experience, but Speedway is committed to changing that. With the implementation of Gas Station TV (GSTV), they have transformed the pump into a dynamic and engaging platform.

Through GSTV, Speedway offers a variety of content to keep customers entertained and informed while they wait. From news and weather updates to sports highlights and entertainment news, there is something for everyone. Additionally, they offer exclusive content from major brands like CNN, ESPN, and BuzzFeed.

Content for All Interests

  • Sports Highlights: Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, or baseball, Speedway has you covered. Stay up-to-date with the latest scores and highlights while you wait.

  • News and Weather: Get the latest news and weather updates from major outlets like CNN and The Weather Channel.

  • Entertainment News: Keep up with the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news from E! and TMZ.

Exclusive Offers

Speedway also offers exclusive deals and promotions through GSTV. Customers can take advantage of discounted gas prices and special offers from major brands like Pepsi and Red Bull. These offers are only available at the pump, making it an exciting opportunity for customers to save money.

Interactive Features

  • Trivia Games: Test your knowledge and win prizes with trivia games on GSTV. Compete against other customers at nearby pumps and see if you have what it takes to be a trivia champion.

  • Social Media: Share your experiences at the pump on social media with interactive features on GSTV. Snap a photo and tag Speedway for a chance to be featured on the big screen.

With GSTV, Speedway is taking the gas station experience to a whole new level. By providing engaging content and exclusive offers, they are enhancing the wait time experience for their customers.

How Speedway’s TV Screens Set Them Apart

Speedway gas stations are known for their high-quality fuels and convenient store locations. But what sets them apart from the competition is their use of cutting-edge technology to create an immersive experience for customers while they fill up their tanks.

One of the ways Speedway accomplishes this is through their TV screens located at every pump. These screens provide customers with engaging content and real-time updates, keeping them entertained and informed throughout their visit.

Real-Time Updates

Speedway’s TV screens provide customers with real-time updates on news, weather, and traffic, allowing them to stay informed while they fuel up. In addition, the screens display information about upcoming events and promotions at the store, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation for customers.

Engaging Content

The TV screens at Speedway also feature engaging content such as sports highlights, music videos, and entertaining trivia. This content keeps customers engaged and entertained while they wait, making their visit to the gas station a more enjoyable experience overall.

Customizable Advertising

  • Speedway’s TV screens also provide a unique advertising opportunity for businesses. Local businesses can customize ads to target specific geographic areas, reaching customers who live and work nearby.
  • In addition, Speedway can use the screens to promote their own products and services, highlighting new items and exclusive deals.

Overall, Speedway’s use of TV screens sets them apart from other gas stations by providing customers with an immersive experience that keeps them engaged and entertained while they fill up their tanks. Whether it’s through real-time updates, engaging content, or customizable advertising, Speedway is constantly finding new ways to enhance the customer experience.

6 Questions About Why Speedway Gas Stations Have TV Screens

What is the purpose of the TV screens in Speedway gas stations?

The TV screens in Speedway gas stations are primarily used for advertising and entertainment purposes. Customers waiting for their fuel to be pumped can watch TV shows, news, sports, or even commercials on the screens.

Why did Speedway choose to install TV screens in their gas stations?

Speedway chose to install TV screens in their gas stations to enhance the customer experience and make the wait time more enjoyable. The company aims to provide its customers with a convenient and engaging experience that makes them want to return.

How does Speedway decide what content to show on the TV screens?

The content shown on the TV screens in Speedway gas stations is determined by a team of marketing professionals. The team carefully selects content that is appropriate for the target audience and aligns with the brand’s values and messaging.

Are the TV screens in Speedway gas stations interactive?

Currently, the TV screens in Speedway gas stations are not interactive. However, the company is exploring ways to incorporate interactive features in the future to further enhance the customer experience.

How do customers feel about the TV screens in Speedway gas stations?

The response from customers about the TV screens in Speedway gas stations has been largely positive. Many customers appreciate the entertainment and advertising value of the screens, and it has become a distinguishing feature of the Speedway brand.

Are TV screens a common feature in other gas stations?

While TV screens are becoming more common in gas stations across the country, they are not yet a standard feature in the industry. Speedway’s decision to install TV screens in their gas stations was a unique move that has set the company apart from its competitors.

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