What Airport For Kansas Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

The Kansas Speedway is one of the most iconic sports venues in the entire country. Since it opened its doors in 1909, thousands of individuals have enjoyed the unique atmosphere that the speedway provides. The main grandstands are surrounded by a track which is intersected by several concrete walls that separate the stands from the active area of the race track. Due to the iconic status of the Kansas Speedway, many people are interested in learning more about the airport that services the area. Below we will tell you about the various advantages and disadvantages of each of the three main airports located near the venue.

Topeka Airport

Located in Topeka, Kansas which is almost equidistant from the city of Kansas City and the town of Salina, Topeka Airport (OGS) currently operates under Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach which utilizes GPS technology to provide precision instrument landing. Topeka Airport also handles a lot of recreational and commuter traffic throughout the year, which makes it a very busy airport.

One of the biggest advantages of this airport is its location. Being so close to the center of the country, Topeka Airport is within driving distance of everywhere. This reduces the amount of travel time significantly, particularly for those who are coming from further distances. One of the biggest disadvantages of Topeka Airport is its isolated location. Although it is only 45 minutes to an hour from the center of the country, due to its remote location, it may take a little bit longer to reach your destination. If you plan on traveling via air during the off-season, this may also mean spending a bit more time in the air than you would otherwise have to.

The McConnell Air Force Base

Named after its former chief operator, Colonel John McConnell, the McConnell Air Force Base (KMNFB) prides itself on being among the first U.S. Air Force bases to receive jets. It currently operates under Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach which offers precision instrument landing in addition to conventional instrument landing. Like Topeka Airport, the McConnell Air Force Base also operates under a Unified Combat Air Operations (UCAO) mission statement, which allows it to coordinate air traffic while also handling combat missions. This airport is actually located in Wichita, Kansas but is referred to as being located in McConnell Air Force Base due to the proximity of the military installation to the race track.

The main advantage of the McConnell Air Force Base is its location. As we mentioned above, the facility is located only a few minutes from the center of the country and, therefore, close to all the major population centers. This makes it relatively easy for people to get in touch with the airport if they want to fly somewhere. The disadvantage of the McConnell Air Force Base is that, due to its proximity to the center of the country, it gets a bit cold in the winter. Despite the best efforts of the Air Force, the grass may never grow particularly well at the base due to the frigid temperatures that it experiences annually.

The Will Rogers World Airport

While the others are located near major population centers, Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) is the closest airport to the outskirts of the city of Oklahoma City. Operated by the Oklahoma City Airports Commission, the airport is named after humorist Will Rogers, who spent much of his time there during the 1920s. The commission also operates the Will Rogers Convention Center, which hosts numerous exhibitions and festivals throughout the year.

The main advantage of Will Rogers World Airport is that it is located fairly close to the city of Oklahoma City. Due to the fact that it is the closest airport to the city, there is a good chance that your flight will be able to land there without any problems. The downside to this airport is that it handles a lot of traffic and is, therefore, rather crowded. There is also the occasional security issue to be aware of as Will Rogers World Airport is not located far from the Mexican border and, therefore, there is a possibility that security could become an issue. While the location and surrounding area of the airport is mostly quiet and tranquil, there is the occasional problem with loitering which the airport has to deal with. If you are looking for a quiet and calm place to land, Will Rogers World Airport is probably not the best option as there is a lot of activity at the facility.

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