What Are The Best Seats At Bandimere Speedway? [Solved!]

As the name suggests, the Bandimere Speedway is in fact a race track located in Bandimere, a small town in Northern Bali. One of the things you will discover once you make it to this part of Indonesia, is that many people here are passionate about motorsport and car collecting in particular. Whether you are a professional race car driver or just want to drive fast, the local Bandimere Speedway is the place you need to be at.

The Grandstand And Paddock

For those who want to sit down and watch the races, there are a few grandstands located along the track’s 3.8 kilometers. From where you will enjoy the stunning view of the asphalt below and of the tropical nature surrounding you. The best part is that these grandstands are actually open-air and located right next to the race track. You will find a mix of nationalities there, enjoying the spectacle of automotive sports.

The area behind the grandstands is known as the paddock. Here you will find all the drivers, their technicians, and the other teams. You can wander around, have some snacks, and meet the people responsible for keeping the cars running throughout the entire year. If you want to get a closer look at the cars, you can even walk down the pit lane and peek inside the garages. The noise level is incredibly high there, as the drivers come in and out, chatting, and sometimes arguing. It’s like a massive garage sale!

What Is The Difference Between A Grandstand And Stand?

If you are curious, the term “grandstand” comes from the practice of taking a position on the sides of the track, with a better view than what the stands provide. Grandstands can also be found at other sport venues, like tennis or golf courses. Stand, on the other hand, is a term used when referring to the main spectator areas, typically lower than ground level and behind glass. It is also the area where the officials, photographers, and other guests sit. Depending on the location of the venue, the stand areas can range from several feet to a few hundred feet above the track. You will see many grandstands at lower tiers of motor sports venues, but for exclusive venues, the stands are located behind the security bars, far away from the track and the view.

Drifting & Slaloming

One of the things you will love most about the Bandimere Speedway is the drifts that happen there. The track is known for its tight turns and long straights, which lead to some pretty spectacular displays of speed and precision. The best way to learn how to drift is by taking a driving lesson with a professional driver. During the lesson, you will be asked to follow directions carefully and keep a steady speed. Once you master that, you can practice on your own.

Another cool thing you will see at the Bandimere Speedway is the slalom. This is a type of drifting where you have to execute multiple moves, going from one direction to another, without letting the vehicle cross over any line or barrier. This is actually more difficult than it sounds, and requires lots of practice. If you master it, you will be able to show off your skills to your friends and family.

If you want a challenge, the Bandimere Speedway also holds some of the country’s best drift matches, where two drivers from different teams go head to head, battling it out in a bid to be the best of the best. These matches are fierce and competitive, with heated debates about whose idea of a perfect drift actually is the best. It is a great way to learn not only about cars, but also about life in general, as you will have to learn to compromise and work with others to get the results you want.

The Lightspeed Incentive Program

The Bandimere Speedway is fortunate enough to have one of the most advanced lighting systems in existence. The lights change color and shape, swirling around the track and drawing everything close to it. They create a truly spectacular effect and add a touch of magic to each and every lap. At night, the lights are absolutely stunning and draw large crowds, as people come from far away places like Cirebon, Labuan, and other parts of Indonesia, as well as Australia and Singapore, to see them.

If you want to bring your children to the races, make sure to buy them appropriate clothing. For men this can be a hard-hat and safety shoes, while women will need slush socks and tracksuit pants. Make sure they are protected from the sun by using sunscreen and protecting themselves from any scratches or burns by wearing sun glasses. With so many people there, you will also need to be vigilant about your belongings. Keep an eye on your car and the area around it, as well as the area behind you, in case someone tries to take your spot while you’re watching the race.

Visiting the Bandimere Speedway is such a different experience from what most people are used to. The thing about this place is that it’s not just about watching racing, as you will have to engage with the locals, take in the beautiful scenery, and get a peek into Balinese culture. If you have the opportunity, you should certainly go there and give it a try.

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