What Are The Best Seats At Bmp Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

The NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway can be one of the most exciting races of the year. The intensity of the competition along with the large number of cautions make for a fast-paced race that rarely settles down for good as there’s always another caution flag to watch for. The seats at Bristol are pretty incredible too – it’s probably the best place in all of motorsport to watch a race. Here’s a quick overview of the best seats at Bristol.

Front Row Clubhouse

In the grandstands along the front straight, you’ll find the famous “Front Row Clubhouse”. If you happen to be there at the right time, you’ll be able to get some great photos of drivers as they come in for a quick pit stop before the green flag is even out. The seats in this area are among the best in all of motorsport, with the exception of the ones behind the fence on the opposite end of the garage.

On the inside of the track, just past the start/finish line, there’s another area that was formerly known as the “grandstand” but has been retroactively christened the “New Grandstand”. This is where the action is throughout the entire duration of the race. With a capacity of around 200, the stands are filled mostly with spectators but there are also a few “inside” seats available for people who want to be near the competition.

Row 12

On the inside of the track in Row 12, there are a few good seats that provide an excellent view of the entire track. Right behind the fence, there are some fantastic seats that afford an incredible view of the track. Although these seats are behind the fence they’re still very good and provide a memorable view of the cars as they come through the turn. The best part is that you can walk around the track and look over the top of the fence at any time, which is something that you can’t do from the outside rows.

At the start of the race, cars will make their way down the main straight towards the first corner. As they approach the turn, you’ll be able to see the entire front of the field. On the inside of the corner, down in the area behind the pit wall, there are some excellent vantage points from which to watch the race. On the exit of the corner there’s also another cluster of seats behind the pit wall that provides an excellent view of the track.

Pit Row

On the outside of the track in the area just past the entrance to pit lane, there are some fantastic seats that provide an excellent view of the entire track. These seats are perfect for people who want to get a good look at the cars before they make their way onto the track.

If you look directly in front of you as the cars pull in, you’ll see the famous checkered flag perched above the starter’s block. Once the race is over, crews will make their way to the grid for the ceremonial passing of the checkered flag and the presentation of the trophy. The area just behind the fence in front of the starter’s block is another great place from which to view the end of the race.

Starting Spot

In the grandstand area behind the start/finish line there are a number of good seats right at the start of the race. These are the seats that you’ll want to get if you’re a fan of motorsport and/or if you want to get some good photos of the race before it even begins. Just a few feet from the starting line there’s a seating area that also affords an excellent view of the entire track.

It’s quite an incredible sight when the cars are lined up for the start of the race. The noise alone is enough to make anyone’s ears perk up, even if you’re not into motorsport. The best part is that once the flag is dropped and the cars are in motion, you’ll be able to continue watching the race uninterrupted from your spot.

One of the things that makes the NASCAR race at Bristol so special is that almost every seat in the house is excellent. There’s really no bad seat in the stands. Even the trackside areas offer some fantastic views. On rare occasions there may be some fogging issues during the race but it doesn’t get in the way of the action for long. Plus, the atmosphere at Bristol is incredible. Everyone involved in motorsport should visit this historic track at least once in their lifetime.

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