What Are The Best Seats At Lebanon Valley Speedway? [Updated!]

Lebanon Valley Speedway is a short track racing venue located in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. The half‐mile oval boasts one of the most exciting racing atmospheres in the country. The wide racing surface and comfortable grandstands ensure that even the most avid fan can enjoy a race even when the weather is frightful.

Although the track can get quite warm during a NASCAR race (up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit), it is still considered to be one of the best short‐track venues in America. In fact, NASCAR stars like Matt Kenseth, Joey Logano, and Carl Edwards have all raced there. Furthermore, the unique blend of rural and urban Pennsylvania life provides a unique glimpse into American race culture.

The Mountain – The View From Above

The grandstands at Lebanon Valley Speedway are set atop a steep hill, creating an alluring view of the race from above. The surrounding forest provides an enviable backdrop for each sunny day. The rich foliage and rustic wooden buildings ensure that the venue maintains its picturesque character even when the racing season is over.

As one of the newer NASCAR venues, the track underwent a multi‐million dollar renovation back in 2017. The renovations improved the facilities and brought them up to modern standards. However, the wooden grandstands and small paddock area do date back to the track’s glory days, when it was first founded in 1947.

Inside The Trackside Bar

One of the main attractions at any NASCAR race venue is the trackside bar. The bar is located just outside the track’s gates (in fact, fans are allowed to bring their own drinks into the premises), and it serves as both a place for spectators to watch the race and to participate in group discussions about the sport. Furthermore, many bars offer a two‐for‐one drink special during racing events, ensuring that even the most avid fans can enjoy the thrill of the competition even when the track has finished for the day.

The trackside bar is a hub for all things NASCAR. The wooden floors, old school jukebox, and heavy wooden furniture all contribute to the nostalgic atmosphere of the place. Although the atmosphere may be old fashioned, the food and drink are anything but. The bar serves as the pre‐race jockey center, and the menu features all the American classics: Hotdogs, hamburgers, and nachos.

The Backstretch – The View From Behind

Speaking of views, the backstretch is where the action is. The entire backstretch is a long, grassy banking that offers an exciting view of the race from behind. As one of the newer NASCAR racing venues, the backstretch underwent a major renovation in 2017, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. The wooden grandstands that lined the backstretch have been replaced with modern metal structures, and the entire area is illuminated by enormous floodlights. The lights are visible for miles, ensuring that even the greatest of shots will be captured perfectly.

The backstretch is where the spectators can really let their hair down. The grass is thick and well‐watered, making it the perfect place for kids to fly a kite or a dog to roll around in. The trackside bar is also located along the backstretch, and it’s here where fans can make the most noise. The sound carries well throughout the entire track, and it’s not unusual to hear spectators rooting for their favorite drivers even when they are on the opposite end of the track. This is one of the great things about NASCAR – the fans are right there in the middle of the excitement!

The backstretch is where fans can really get their money’s worth. The track is quite short, which makes each lap quite exciting. Even when the racing is over, the backstretch is where fans can settle their bets and discuss the latest news about their favorite teams.

In conclusion, the best seats at Lebanon Valley Speedway are in the backstretch. The action is undoubtedly thrilling from here, and you get an immersive view of the entire track—not to mention that the bar is really cozy and has some of the best food in all of NASCAR.

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