What Are The Super Speedways In Nascar? [Fact Checked!]

You may be familiar with the traditional road races such as the Indianapolis 500 or the Daytona 500. These are some of the biggest events in American auto racing, drawing huge crowds and giving drivers the chance to show off their skills. But what about the other races? What are the other big events in Nascar? You may be surprised to discover that there are actually 17 super speedways scattered around the United States. Here’s a brief introduction to each one, including some interesting trivia.

New York Motor Speedway

The New York Motor Speedway is actually located in the town of Elmont, New York, about 20 miles from the gates of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Construction on the 3-mile track began in 1926 and it opened for racing on July 30th 1927. The track is now owned by the New York Racing Association (NYRA) and is one of the most popular speedways in North America, mainly because of its unique atmosphere. It doesn’t get quite as crowded as some of the other tracks, which makes it an easier place for fans to get a good view of the action. In fact, it is the second-largest track in the USA after the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The biggest challenge in organizing the New York Motor Speedway is keeping all of its fans satisfied. Every year, the NYRA faces the dilemma of running out of tickets for the races. The good news is that there is an app that they can use to order tickets, saving them from running out. Also, this year they introduced a new policy that allows children under 10 to attend free of charge.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, just outside of Carson City, is one of the most famous tracks in North America. It was originally known as the Las Vegas Grand Prix due to its connection with the famous Grand Prix racing series, but after the original Grand Prix was canceled in 1991, it took on its current name. It is the largest track in the country and, due to its size, is often the site of huge corporate sponsorship displays. However, the largest display there recently was half as big as the ones at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But that’s probably because the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is twice as long as the Indy, which gives more space for the ads! The most unique thing about this track is that it is almost completely enclosed, providing riders with a feeling of safety and protection from the wind. Its banking is also quite unique, featuring an incredibly long flat-out front stretch and an almost 90-degree high-banked turn around the back. This makes it quite challenging for drivers who lack experience on tight tracks. Thankfully, this is quite rare. Las Vegas is certainly a bucket-list track for any car enthusiast!

Fontana Motor Speedway

The Fontana Motor Speedway, located in the town of Fontana, about 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, is a 2.5-mile track with a scenic view of the San Gabriel Mountains. It opened in 1927 and is named after its original owners, the Fontana family. The Fontana Motor Speedway is one of the smaller tracks in North America, but it still has something to offer. First of all, the track is quite easy to get to, since it’s right off of the 110 and the 101 freeways. This makes it quite accessible for everyone. Also, if you ever visited the iconic Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) or the Griffith Park Observatory, you may have noticed that the parking lots adjacent to these museums offer some great spots for people watching the racing action. Since 1960, the Fontana Motor Speedway has been the site of the annual California Specialties Horse Show, featuring a variety of colorful and exotic animals and bird species. One of the most interesting stories associated with this track is that a young girl named Shirley Partridge, from the nearby town of Claremont, survived an accident that killed her father and brother. She witnessed the tragedy and went on to have a successful career in auto racing, becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR race.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located in Speedway, Indiana, about 35 miles north of downtown Indianapolis, was built in 1909 and is the original home of the Indianapolis 500, the world’s premier auto racing event. In addition to the standard auto racing, the Indy is also the site of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) World Finals, which take place every year in May. The track draws a large international audience and is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the history of American racing. The most intriguing fact about this track is that it is the longest single-track in North America, stretching for 2.5 miles. This makes it an extremely challenging course for drivers who lack experience on longer tracks. In 1911, the president of the Indy, Tony Hulman, built a tony mansions’ row along its backside, which is now known as the Hulman Mile, to provide him with a place to watch the race and celebrate after the big event. Naturally, it’s the home of the Indianapolis 500, so you’ll always find a good crowd there!

California Speedway

The California Speedway, located in Speedway, about 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, is one of the first tracks that you may encounter if you’re driving north on I-105. It was built in 1923 and is one of the smaller tracks in North America, but it still has something to offer. First of all, the track is quite easy to get to, since it’s right off of the 105 and I-5 freeways. This makes it quite accessible for everyone. In addition, if you ever visited the iconic Universal Studios, or the Santa Monica Pier, you may have noticed that the parking lots adjacent to these attractions offer great spots for people watching the racing action. The most intriguing fact about this track is that it is the only one of the 17 super-speedways that is not located in the United States. In fact, it’s in California, which means that it gets a lot of traffic from other states. This is due to the Golden State’s infamously fast drivers!

Atlanta Motor Speedway

The Atlanta Motor Speedway, located in Hallandale, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, is often referred to as the Mecca of NASCAR. This is mainly because it is the home of the Coca-Cola 600, the biggest sporting event in the country. The Atlanta Motor Speedway was built in 1949 and is one of the most popular NASCAR tracks, mainly because of its diverse audience. In addition to the regular racing, the Atlanta Motor Speedway hosts the prestigious All-Star Race, an exhibition race that features the top drivers from NASCAR’s top series, as well as the Legends’ Car Rally, an event that honors the outstanding automobiles of the past. But the biggest event associated with the Atlanta Motor Speedway is the Coca-Cola 600, which is the world’s longest continuous NASCAR race. Every year, in the last week of May, the Atlanta Motor Speedway plays host to one of the most exciting sporting events in the country. Teams from all over the world come to Atlanta to take part in this unique 600-mile race, which is the equivalent of a full season in most other sports! Of course, as the site of a major sports event, it draws a huge crowd, which makes it one of the most popular tracks. In addition, since this is one of the largest tracks in the country, it also hosts a variety of other sporting events and concerts throughout the year, making it a hub of activity throughout the year!

Kentucky Speedway

The Kentucky Speedway, located in Sparta, about 65 miles south of Louisville, is one of the smallest tracks in North America, only about 3 miles long. But what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in personality. First of all, the Kentucky Speedway is one of the most unique tracks in all of North America, due mainly to its banking. Unlike other tracks, this one doesn’t feature very many turns; it’s mostly flat out. In addition, it doesn’t have a high guardrail, making it more of a western-type of track, which provides riders with a sense of freedom and confidence. Naturally, these are all traits that make the Kentucky Speedway one of the most popular tracks in the country. It doesn’t get nearly as crowded as the other tracks, so it’s a great place for drivers to relax and enjoy the experience.

Orlando Speedway

The Orlando Speedway, located in Orlando, Florida, is one of the newest tracks in the country. It opened in 2017 and is the site of the Grand Prix of America, an annual event that features many of the biggest names in motorsport. The most interesting fact about this track is that is one of the few that is actually longer than it is wide. This was intended to make the racing more entertaining to spectators, since it provides them with a better view of the action. There is also something quite spiritual about this track, since it is located right next to Lake Mirimacco, which provides users with a lovely view of the sunset.

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