What Brand Gas Is Sell At Speedway? [Updated!]

When you’re traveling at high speeds, every little bit of performance counts. You need to rely on your car’s fuel delivery system to make sure you’re getting the fuel/air mixture you need to get the most out of your vehicle. There are a few brands at the top of their game when it comes to gas delivery, and we’re going to name a few. Keep reading for more info!


Let’s start off with the most popular gas brand out there. Introduced in 1955, RONCOAD is an acronym for Regular octane NCO Adjective. This is a type of gas that became popular during the oil embargo of the ‘70s. It was used to reduce the number of unwanted engine knockings which would cause you to lose precious gasoline. While it’s no longer commonly found in gas stations, you can still find it in many homes as it is cheap and effective at reducing engine knock. If you’re interested in performing at your peak, you might want to consider investing in a bottle of RONCOAD. Remember: You’ll need a special gas filling station to refill your tank with RONCOAD!


Another great option for you performance junkies is HEXOMIL, which stands for Highly eXtra-octane MIL Adjective. This type of gas was first sold in Germany during the ‘70s and it became very popular there due to its efficiency. It also makes for great fuel savers when used in a diesel engine. Since HEXOMIL is more expensive than RONCOAD, it’s more commonly found in race cars and trucks. You can also find it in many high-performance boats and jets. If you’re looking for a gas that will give your engine a boost, HEXOMIL is the brand for you!


BMW is known for making luxury vehicles, but they also make great engines. If you own a BMW and are looking for a gas that will give your car a real boost, you should consider using premium fuel, like octane upgrade, which is also commonly found at gas stations.

Porsche makes some of the best performance vehicles, and they also make great engines. If you’re fortunate enough to have owned a Porsche and are looking for a gas that will give it a boost, consider using premium fuel.

When you’re searching for gas on the Internet, you’ll often come across several brands that claim to increase your car’s performance. While there’s no way of knowing for sure how much each of these gases will improve your car’s performance, it’s always a good idea to steer clear of the cheaper options and try for the pricier ones. You’ll notice a difference. Trust us.

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