What Can And Cannot Be Brought Into Kansas Speedway? [Answered!]

The Kansas Speedway is located in the suburb of Topeka, Kansas. The speedway is owned by Speedway Motorsports, Inc, and the track is designed with the intention of competing with the Indianapolis Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway for “World’s Fastest Truck Race” glory. The track is a fairly modern looking course; boasting a mixture of long straights and tight curves that make for an exciting motorsport playground. The main grandstand is shaped like a “T” with the end zones being the concourse, creating an intimate setting between driver and spectator. It is here that you will find concession stands, merchandise vendors, and even a photographer’s tent! The complex also features a museum that houses the genuine articles of legend Jay Leno and the Unsers, as well as original cars and other racing memorabilia that you can view on display.

What Can Be Moved In?

The track itself can be moved as long as the building stands due to its modular construction and concrete foundations. However, the majority of the grandstands and most of the interior and exterior concrete walls need to remain in situ for the track to retain its original form.

What can be removed is the asphalt surface (careful not to damage the track when doing so), which can be replaced and repaved when necessary. The lighting towers, service towers, and most of the restrooms also need to be removed for the same reason.

What About The Streetlights?

The streetlights are not built into the track but rather light up the approach to the complex and provide an adequate glare for the cars. They also contribute aesthetically to the overall look of the track, so it would be a bad idea to remove them even if you could find a way. You might also end up with a dark track on a dark night, which could potentially lead to accidents.

Should There Be More Lighting?

The existing lighting certainly provides a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for the track and its occupants, so there is no need to bring more light sources. However, safety is always an important factor when it comes to any sport, and it’s well worth considering if there is a way to improve the overall experience for those taking in the action. LED lighting would certainly be an option to explore, as it could potentially save the track and its spectators from serious accidents. Additionally, more lighting will make the track and its surrounding areas clearly visible to drivers, which could prevent accidents as well.

What About The Advertising?

Advertising is not officially banned within the Kansas Speedway, but it is certainly not welcome either. The speedway is owned by a non-profit organization, the Kansas Speedway Authority, who want to keep the track as a functional and safe sporting facility. They are against commercialism in any shape or form, including advertising, and they would prefer that Topeka remain a city of good taste and high standards.

It might not be immediately apparent, but the Kansas Speedway is a beautiful track, which draws in visitors from near and far. The fact that it is ad-free is part of what makes it so special – it really is a jewel in the middle of Topeka.

Ultimately, it is not for the Kansas Speedway Authority to decide what can and cannot be introduced into the facility. That is a function of the city’s government and municipal services. The only way to make sure that the track remains free of any undesirable elements would be to ban them altogether. Until then, there will continue to be disputes over what can and cannot be done at this unique venue – it’s a situation that could certainly use some regulation.

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