What Can I Get For 90 000 Points At Speedway? [Answered!]

There are some places in this world that just demand to be explored, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of those spots. While many people may know about this place thanks to Indycar racing or even the movie Speedway, this incredible racetrack housed within an airport actually has a lot more to offer.

IndyCar drivers still race at the track, but the majority of the year, it’s actually open to the public for those interested in a unique auto-racing experience. This year, the speedway is open from May 23rd to October 31st, and during that time, guests can purchase tickets and drive the twists and turns of the 2.5 million square-feet of track. Even if you’re not a huge auto-racing fan, there are still plenty of activities and entertainment options available at the Speedway that may pique your interest.

The Track Is As Good As Ever

The track itself still holds up perfectly well on its 90th anniversary, with the exception of some of the newer turns where you’ll need to steer clear of the barriers. In general, the turns are still perfectly flat and feature the iconic concrete wall that runs parallel to the track and is topped with razor wire to deter would-be robbers and fans from getting too close. While the track is still very much alive, it doesn’t use the same configuration as it did in its early years. Most notably, the frontstretch was shortened by about half a mile, and two backstretches were dropped as well. The only other noticeable change is that the parking lot was expanded, providing more space for spectators.

There Are Lots Of Entertainment Options

The biggest difference between the today’s IndyCar and that of the early 20th century is the almost complete lack of restrictions when it comes to entertainments. While tracks had installed speakers on the banking to play music for fans, these days, you’ll find everything from live music and comedy acts to dancing, food trucks, and more. All of these are available as part of the entertainment experience at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. There’s also an IMAX theater at the airport that shows daily repertory films on a giant screen, and a virtual reality headset that allows you to feel like you’re actually there.

A One-of-a-Kind Education

IndyCar driver Jeff Gordon once said that the Speedway is the best school for drivers, and that’s really the ultimate compliment. For just about a month during the year, you can get a degree in motorsport science from Penn State University by taking their online course, Racing Simulator Technician, and getting a behind-the-scenes look at an IndyCar team. If that’s something of interest, you can get a degree without having to leave your house, and maybe even better your job opportunities as a result.

History Comes To Life

If you want to get a history lesson on the subject of IndyCar, you can’t do much better than re-live some of the most critical moments of the sport’s past in a living museum. There are still some great wax figures and other historical displays throughout the track, and it’s all done with such aplomb that it really feels like you’re there, reliving the golden era of auto racing. For those interested in the topic, there’s also an exhibition featuring the history of the speedway that’s worth a peek.

There are still so many things that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway does for the average person that doesn’t involve racing. For those that love cars, the place still has that old-school charm that draws thousands of fans to the track each year. If you’ve never been there, then it’s probably time to add this incredible Indianapolis institution to your bucket list.

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