What Can I Take Into Las Vegas Motor Speedway? [Updated!]

It’s now less than a week until Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts the most important race of the year—the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship. This year’s race will be unique in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that it will be the first time the Championship has been determined by the number of wins rather than by tying up with a rival series like the Xfinity or Gander Outdoors Truck Series.

With just over a week until the big race, it’s an appropriate time to ask the question, “What can I take into Las Vegas Motor Speedway?” There are a number of things you can bring into the casino in order to make your trip memorable. Here’s a shortlist:

Goggles Or Sunglasses

One of the most iconic images from the 2015 edition of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship was that of Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning the race in a suit and sunglasses. It was an appropriate choice, as the sunlight was blinding and the track was a bit wet from the misting rain. The image symbolized the sport’s traditional Southern hospitality, as much as the yellow, checkered flag represented the culmination of the season. It was an all-timer.

It’s not just about the image, as goggles or sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the increasing amounts of dust billowing around from the track. The oil and dry-cleaning smell that permeates the air at all times during the season is also something to behold. If you go to Las Vegas or travel to the area during the summer, you’ll experience this first-hand. Covering your eyes will simply be the last thing on your mind when that smell assaults your nostrils.

Full-Length Motorcycle Jacket

Another one of the most iconic images from the 2015 edition of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship was that of Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning the race in a black, full-length motorcycle jacket. Once again, it was appropriate choice; the track and the weather were balmy. However, the winning jacket was a little big on Dale Jr.—he had to send it to the tailor in Tallahassee, Florida to have it altered for the following race. The irony is that the jacket won the race for him—he wasn’t aiming for it to be his winning outfit, but it was certainly the best-looking one among all the competitors!

It’s not just about the image, as wearing a motorcycle jacket into a casino will not only protect you from the heat but also allow you to stand out. You’ll feel more comfortable and at ease while gaming or dining at a classy establishment, and that’s what matters most.

Full-Length Burberry Blazer

One of the biggest names in luxury fashion, Burberry, has been around for more than a century and is perhaps most well known for its elegant scarves. However, the brand also makes a range of men’s and women’s clothing, some of which is designed to be worn into casinos. One of those items is the full-length burberry blazer. Like the motorcycle jacket, the blazer won the honor of being Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s winning outfit for the 2015 season finale, as well. When asked about his winning attire, he replied, “That’s a Burberry. I like the style and quality of it, and it kept me cozy in the summertime.”

It’s not just about the image, as a blazer will not only protect you from the heat but give you that added touch of aristocracy. You won’t feel comfortable in just a t-shirt and shorts, but a blazer is perfect for hanging around the casino or enjoying some drinks during happy hour. You can also look for high-quality scarves and other luxury goods to take into the Vegas area.

Casino Jeans

If you’re going to Las Vegas, why not go all the way and actually rent a fancy suit? You’ll feel much better wearing something like this than having to rent a shirt and tie every day, especially during those long layovers between events. Of course, this is a lot of money to spend on something that you’ll only wear once or twice—but it’s not like you’re driving a rental, right?

It’s not just about the image, as a pair of casino jeans will make you feel like a movie star or a royalty. These are premium quality and highly durable, so they’ll last a long time even if you get a bit of a stain on them. You’ll be able to wear them everyday and make the most of the occasion, if needed. Of course, you can also go for more upscale looks if you want to stand out even more.

Rocking Horse Head

You might not want to take the whole head, but you could certainly bring a little piece of the good old American West. Specifically, you could bring a piece of Albert, the rocking horse head that you’ll encounter everywhere in the area. This is the mascot of the city and all the casinos, as well as the state of Nevada—you’ll see him on signs and advertisements all over the place. He’s a very happy and proud horse, and you may find yourself laughing or smiling just at the sight of him. If you have a horse or a goat as a pet, you could easily bring them along with you as well—it’s not like they’d have to stay outside the city limits, is it?

It’s not just about the image either, as having a pet goat or horse is one of the best ways to ensure you’re never short of milk or eggs. Since these are animal-related items, you’ll need to make sure that they’re permitted inside the casino —just ask the front desk staff for assistance in this regard.

Lawn Clothes

If you really want to make your trip worthwhile, you could rent some fancy dress clothes. To be specific, you could rent a set of golf clothes—such as a golf shirt, pants, and shoes. You wouldn’t want to bring your bathing suit, since you’ll undoubtedly get a view of the pool at least once or twice during your stay. These clothes will make you feel like you’ve escaped from your dull and ordinary life, temporarily at least.

It’s not just about the appearance, as golf is a very popular sport in the area. Even during non-golfing hours, you’ll find golfers at the casinos. If you’re lucky, you might even get to show off your equipment and strike some fancy shots with a golf pro or an amateur. You’ll also be able to take your pick of the world’s finest golf courses for a round of golf during your stay. Just make sure you bring your wallet—the cost of a round of golf can easily add up.


You don’t always need an excuse to get a drink and an umbrellas are just the thing you need to give that extra touch of class. There are various types of umbrellas—some of which are suitable for use in the rain and some of which are only for show. As the name would suggest, an umbrella used in the rain is practical and won’t get ruined easily. When the heavens open up, an umbrella can offer you some measure of protection from the downpour. This is something to keep in mind and will help you make the right choice should you encounter one on a crowded street corner or inside a casino.

It’s not just about the rain either, as an umbrella will not only keep the sun off of you but also allow you to take a quick peek at what could be considered the scenic route. You can also choose an elegant model with a silk canopy, instead of the typical rubberized one—at least, that’s what you’d think, but there’s more to an umbrella than meets the eye. The tilt mechanism is but one of the many intricate and well-designed components that make up an umbrella. Bring an umbrella and you’ll feel a bit like a modern day Sherlock Holmes—you can confidently solve any mystery that may arise during your stay.

Rolling Pin

This is an all-time favorite of mine. It’s big and it’s wooden and it’ll make someones hair incredibly perfect. I know what you’re thinking—a rolling pin sounds like something you’d need to make pastry or bread and it’s true, but not quite. You can take a rolling pin into the casino and use it to craft some absolutely exquisite cocktails. It’s also great for making perfect scrambled eggs or French fries, so it’s a bit like a miniature food truck rolled up in the shape of a cylinder. It’ll definitely be a conversation starter, especially if you’re dining at a high-end restaurant—unless of course, you’re in a low-end eatery and they don’t serve cocktails.

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