What Can You Bring Into Talladega Speedway? [Answered!]

The Talladega Speedway is one of the most famous speedways in the U.S. If you’re not familiar, it is located in Talladega, Alabama, which is about an hour and a half from Birmingham. The track was originally built in 1967 and has been host to some of the biggest stars in auto racing, including legendary drivers like Richard Petty and David Pearson. In fact, Talladega is often referred to as the “Magic Mile,” as it is home to some of the greatest racing moments in history.

While the track obviously gets a lot of attention for its history, what it really stands for today is innovation and progression. That’s why when I decided to visit the Talladega Speedway, I was a little worried about what sort of things I would be able to bring with me. After all, the track had never really been on my radar, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would it be possible to have a nice time and not have my head explode from all the noise? Would I feel comfortable and relaxed enough to enjoy myself?

I needn’t have worried. Even if you’re not remotely interested in racing or cars, you will find the experience of going to a real life motor speedway to be thoroughly enjoyable. Here’s what you can bring into the track.

Your Best Friend

First of all, don’t bring your animal friends to the track. The Talladega Speedway is actually an active racetrack, and while the occasional cat or dog may wander in, they usually end up staying out of the way of the cars. This is mainly because the drivers aren’t necessarily best friends with the animals, and they don’t always have the time to stop and pet them during a race. If you really want to come anyway, you can watch the dogs in the infield.

Tripod And Small Camera

While you’re not restricted to just one camera on your trip, it’s best to bring along more than one. That way, you can capture a story from a different perspective, or even shoot some great B-roll on your phone to bring to the editor. If you’re planning on visiting the track, you might also want to bring a tripod, so that you can record some solid video footage. Remember, video quality is much more important than video quantity, so make sure you edit down your videos to the essential gameplay and put the quality up as high as possible.

Walking Shoes

Yes, even though the track is mostly asphalt, there are parts where you’ll need to walk. For example, if you want to visit the famous Hall of Fame or the historic Alabama Theater, you’ll need to bring your walking shoes. These are not just for show, either. If you want to go to the bathroom during a race, you’ll have to go barefoot. Thankfully, the bathrooms are usually near the restaurant and ticket booths, so you won’t have to worry about tracking mud in the house.

Bulging Wallet

The Talladega Speedway is a place of business and innovation, and as such, it’s probably not the place you want to be carrying around a lot of money in your wallet. While there are some fast food options and motels nearby, it’s probably not a good idea to stop overnight. Instead, bring just enough money for the food and gas stations, and invest the rest in things like buttons, patches, or other types of racing merchandise. This won’t even begin to cover the cost of gas, and you’ll quickly find yourself struggling with debt.

A Good Sauna

If you really want to make the most of your trip, invest in a sauna. You can really let your hair down in there, and it’s a great way to relax and decompress after a long day at the track. Just remember that the saunas at the track are usually more expensive than those found in ordinary spas, but they’re all-natural and keep you healthier. Besides, it’s worth it.

Good Lenses

If you have a good lens, you can really bring something special to the scene. Whether it’s a telephoto lens for an up-close-and-personal view of the action, or a wide-angle lens to capture the entire scene, you can put the finishing touches on a beautiful panorama. Wide-angle lenses can also be a great way to capture a feeling or atmosphere, such as the eerie stillness in the stadium during a graveyard shift or the magic of sundown at night. Just make sure you’re aware of any restrictions regarding lenses in the area you’re visiting.

A Bag

Yes, even if you aren’t carrying anything else in your car, you’ll need a bag. These are really important, especially if you want to bring anything larger than a laptop and a few accessories. The good news is that there are alternatives to bags, and many of them are smaller than your average bag. For example, instead of carrying a bag on your shoulder, you can carry it on your chest using a shoulder bag. This way, you can still have your hands free to take pictures or video footage, and you won’t tire your arms after a long day of walking and standing around.

The list of things you can bring into the Talladega Speedway is obviously not exhaustive, but it should get you started. If you really want to make the most of your visit, rent a comfortable vehicle (preferably a van or an SUV), make sure it is parked in the right place, and prepare to have some fun. Even better, if you want to do more than just attend a single race, you can get an annual pass, which will entitle you to attend any number of events throughout the year. This way, you’ll get the opportunity to see different types of racing, including the famous NASCAR races that take place at the end of each season. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a hardcore fan to have fun at the track, and even those who are into cars may have a good time because the experience is genuinely unique. If you want to learn more, just visit the official website of the track, which is tallaspeedway.com, and you’ll find all the information you need.

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