What Cars Do They Race At Ocean Speedway? [Answered!]

The following article will tell you everything you need to know about the cars that are featured at the Ocean Raceway Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The article will explain what makes them tick and why you should care about what kind of car they are racing. Keep reading for more information.


The Ocean Raceway Park consists of a 12-turn oval with a three-mile long straightaway. This is one of the largest race tracks in New England. It is home to the Ocean Speedweek Festival each summer and the New England 200 mph qualifying race in the early fall. Because of its size, it is also one of the most popular race tracks for monster trucks and other large vehicles that are allowed to enter. The track has been around for more than 60 years and has been known for its unique blend of sports and entertainment. This is one of the places you need to be this upcoming summer if you are a car or motorbike enthusiast!

The History Of The Track

The Ocean Speedway was first built in Port Jefferson, New York in 1951 and moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut in the ‘70s. The bridgeport track was then later expanded to its current size. The Brooklyn-born entrepreneur Eddie Snyder started the speedway with his brother Earl Snyder and they opened the track to the public in 1957. Their motivation was to create a place where people from all over the world could come together and enjoy themselves. At that time, the track consisted of a 4-mile road course that was complete with grandstands and a wooden speedway surface with two lanes. When they first opened the track, the brothers Snyder had only three cars – a Ford, a Chevy and a Plymouth. These were supplemented by a few pickup trucks and a Jaguar. Today, there are more than 100 vehicles registered for race competition and it is quite common to see more than 300 mph being hit on the track.

The Attending Media

One of the reasons why this article is so special is that it allows us to dive into the world of automotive journalism and the business of print and online media. There is a massive amount of media coverage that is associated with the Ocean Raceway Park, including print publications, websites, and live television. This is because the track is an important part of the grand summer schedule and it brings in lots of money (around $30 million per year). People cover it because it is such a unique place and because there is always something going on at the track. The layout of the track is also very interesting and it has become a Mecca for car and bike enthusiasts. Every year, the track is host to an average of 700,000 people and it is one of the largest crowds you will find at a sporting venue in the country. The track regularly attracts top tier sponsors and it has been known to host award ceremonies for individuals in the industry.

The Racing Staff

Each year, the Ocean Raceway Park hosts a number of high-profile races that are open to the general public. These include the prestigious Senior Citizens Corvette Challenge, the SCCA National Championship Runoffs, the Pirelli World Challenge, and the Miller Lite 200. The largest group of people you will find at the track are the employees of the Ocean Speedway. The track has a permanent staff of around 40 people who are all active members of the motorsport community. They are the ones who organize the races and maintain the course. Before the season starts, they work long hours putting in countless hours of preparation to ensure that each and every event is run smoothly and without any problems.

The Rivalry Between The Chevy And Ford Teams

While it is great that the Ocean Speedweek Festival is one of the largest events on the island, it is important to remember that it is also one of the most highly competitive events too. Between the Chevy and Ford teams, the tension is always high and it creates an intense atmosphere throughout the whole event. The rivalry between these two teams is legendary, especially after the 1969 season when the Chevy team won 14 out of 17 races while the Ford squad only won four. Since then, the teams have faced off in numerous events with the Fords usually coming out on top. With around 300 mph being hit on the track, it is clear that these are some of the best drivers in the world. For those who love their automobiles and want to dive into the world of competitive motorsport, this article can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

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