What Channel Is Speedway Gp On 2022? [Expert Guide!]

Speedway is a popular American garage band that burst onto the scene in 2018 with their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. The quartet were formed in Houston, Texas back in 2013 and only began to rise to fame after the release of their debut album. Within months, the group sold out several shows in London and are now considered favourites to take the US by storm.

The band’s rising popularity is largely thanks to their distinctive blend of blues and reggae fused with pop and hip-hop influences. Although, the band have incorporated many different styles into their music, they have always kept their finger on the pulse of today’s music scene. In 2022, the band will be celebrating their fourth anniversary as a group and the success they have enjoyed since the release of their debut album.

Here, we’ll explore the origins of the multi-platinum selling quartet and look at which channel they are most likely to appear on in the near future.


The members of Speedway Gp trace their roots to Jamaica and the Reggae Boyz. Guitarist Ben Anderson hails from Canada and drummer Andrew Suarez is from South America. The group’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Cody Olson, is an American citizen who was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Back in 2013, Cody was searching for a new group to join when he came across a re-union show for the Texas blues band, The Grooms. It was there that he first heard of the legendary Speed-o-Ware and their frontman, Rodney Scott. Impressed by the group’s blend of blues and reggae, Cody decided to show his support by becoming a founding member of Speedway Gp.

The rest of the band were also quick to jump on board and together the group started working on their collective debut album. It took a little over a year to produce and in April 2018, the band released their self-titled debut album. Since then, the album has been certified platinum and the band have found themselves on a worldwide tour schedule.

Current Channels

Based on their previous album releases and tours, it’s clear that both the band and their label, Lava Records, are focusing on the United Kingdom and Europe at the moment. With several gigs lined up for the rest of the year, this is certainly the band’s primary touring focus in the next 12 months.

The group are also set to play several festivals in North America in the near future. They’ll be heading to the Reggae on the River festival in Illinois this summer and will also play several shows in South America in late 2022.

However, despite their dominant presence in the UK and Europe right now, it would be a huge mistake to neglect the growing popularity of the band in other parts of the world. They’ve had great success in Asia, having played to sold-out audiences in Japan and China. In 2022, the group will be performing in both those countries and in Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. The band are also playing several shows in Canada this year to celebrate the legalization of cannabis in October.

The band’s next album, due for release in early 2023, will be the first the group have recorded with guitarist, John Kadiri. The guitarist, who shares lead vocal duties with Cody, has brought a whole new wave of talent to the band and their music.

Key Statistics

Although the band have only been around since 2018, they have already achieved so much in their short history. Not only have they sold out their debut album in its entirety several times over, but they have also found themselves at the top of the bill at several prestigious music festivals. They’ve also graced the cover of several important magazines and been featured on the front page of prestigious news websites.

The band is currently enjoying a level of popularity that even their biggest fans may find difficult to believe. Having consistently delivered an incredible live show, the members of Speedway Gp have garnered a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts working today. Their unique blend of music and charisma make them a true phenomenon.

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