What Channel Is Speedway Gp On Tonight? [Fact Checked!]

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolution. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably resolved to eat healthier, exercise more, and save more money. But which channel is best suited to help you achieve these goals?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find out what’s on is by checking the TV guide. The problem is, the New Year’s Day TV guide can be quite confusing as there are dozens of options to choose from.

What’s more is, certain channels can only be viewed in certain places. For instance, the Food Network can only be viewed on TV channels 6, 10, or 164; HGTV can only be viewed on channels 32 and 68; and Lifetime can only be viewed on channels 4, 12, or 176.

So instead of searching the TV guide for the answers to frequently asked questions, like “what channel is speedway on tonight?”, you may find it easier to search for the questions. Then you can simply scroll down to find the answers you’re looking for.

Where Can I Watch NBA Basketball?

If you’re looking for live NBA basketball, you’ll need to head to your nearest sports bar or get a subscription to any of the online streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu With Live TV, or Amazon Prime.

There are also a host of other options for those who want to catch NBA games on their schedules. For instance, you can find regular season games on ESPN, TNT, or NBA TV, as well as a full playoff schedule on HBO.

Keep in mind that most bars and restaurants that host sports arenas also show major sporting events, like the NFL, the MLB, and the NHL. So you may find that you can watch a game and get your evening’s entertainment for free.

What About The Masters?

The Masters is one of the great American sporting events. If you’re not familiar, the Masters is the annual golf tournament that features the best players in the world. Some of the greatest golfers of all time have competed in this prestigious tournament, including Jack Nicklaus, who won his 17th Masters title in 2019.

You can also catch the Masters on NBC or CBS during the golf season. But if you really want to see the best masters athletes in action, you might want to tune into ESPN, which is usually the home of the Masters. You’ll find major golf tournaments throughout the year on ESPN. And if you’re a fan of the sport, I highly recommend you check out the Masters live every year. The coverage is fantastic and you won’t miss a single moment.

What About MLB Baseball?

MLB baseball is one of the most popular sports in America. The game features real fights (called *bonuses*) and dramatic comebacks. And just like the NBA, the MLB also has a postseason mode as well. (It’s called the World Series.)

If you want to catch a game, you’ll need to go to your local bar or restaurant that has a TV set. (Streaming services like MLB.TV don’t generally offer live games but you can get instant access to over 150 games during the season.) You may also want to check out the MLB Network, which is usually the home of exciting games and great interviews.

Where Can I Watch NCAA Football?

NCAA football is a popular game that combines American football and college basketball. Many schools around the country participate in the NCAA, which leads to exciting games and top-notch sportsmanship every year. The same principles apply as with the other major professional sports: you can find games on TV, online, and even mobile apps if you want.

There are several channels that you can watch NCAA football games, including:

  • ABC – America’s favorite network;
  • ESPN – The Worldwide Leader in Sports;
  • FOX – The Oasis of TV Land;
  • CBS – The Number One Network in Television;
  • NBC – The Peacock Network;
  • TSN – The Source for Sportscar News;
  • Univision – The Network for People of All Ages;
  • Comcast SportsNet – For Those Who Love Their Red, White, and Blue

Choose one of these channels and you’ll be able to watch some of the best college football games every year. (Most NCAA football games are also available on mobile apps like Google Play and the App Store, which is why I recommend downloading the games if you want to watch them on the fly.)

Where Can I Watch UFC Fight Nights?

UFC Fight Night is one of the biggest and most-awarded sporting events in the world. It’s one of the best shows to watch if you love to fight and aren’t afraid of a good brawl. (Think WWE but instead of sports entertainment, it’s full-contact fighting.)

This event is similar to the Masters in that it features real fights (called *bonuses*) and dramatic comebacks. The biggest difference is, the UFC doesn’t just have one heavyweight champion; it has dozens. You’ll find UFC events on TV throughout the year, but if you want to see the best fights from the smallest to the biggest, you should tune into the UFC network. (They usually have the big events on Saturday nights.)

You can also find the UFC schedule on their website. Just click on the “Schedule” link at the top right of the page.

What About Tennis?

Tennis is another one of the most popular sports in the world. And like other major sporting events, the ATP World Tour has a yearly Grand Slam tournament, which features the best players in the world. (The most prestigious one is called the Australian Open and it happens every year in Melbourne.)

You can also find the latest tennis news and top-notch tournaments anywhere you go on the internet. But if you want to be more informed about the sport, I suggest you check out:

  • Tennis Channel – The Home of Professional Tennis;
  • ITA Tennis – The International Tennis Association;
  • WTA Tennis – The Women’s Tennis Association;
  • ATP – The Association of Tennis Professionals;
  • WTA – The Women’s Tennis Association;
  • Grand Slam – A Grand Slam tournament is a championship at the end of a tennis tournament that is divided into four sets of singles, with a different player serving as the champion of each slam (i.e. the Australian Open, the French Open, and so on.);
  • Davis Cup – The International Tennis Cup that pits teams against each other;
  • Fed Cup – The U.S. Women’s Tennis Association Team Championship;
  • Hopman Cup – One of the earlier versions of the Davis Cup (the first was held in 1881 and is also known as the Gentlemen’s Singles Championship); and
  • Australian Open – The flagship tournament of the year and one of the four grand slams. The final four players in the men’s singles draw contest a place in the final, which is played on the last Saturday in January.

All of these tournaments and leagues feature some of the greatest athletes in the world. But if you really want to be inspired, you should tune into Amazon Prime, which is home to the entire Tennis Channel library.

What About The X Games?

The X Games is one of the longest-running and most popular sports-oriented events. It was first held in 1976 and was originally called the Games Limited. (The X is from the original title—and it stands for “eXtreme.”) The event is now in its 36th year and continues to grow in popularity each year. (The 2020 edition is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles.)

Many professional sports leagues, including the NFL, the NHL, and the NBA, have copied the X Games’ format and held their own competitions. The games are usually between two to four hours and can be found, for the most part, on free TV. So if you want to be inspired, you should definitely tune into The X Games.

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