What Channel Is Speedway On 2019? [Answered!]

The most popular American TV show for the past 70 years is now available to watch online in high quality. While it might not be easy to find the complete seasons on Amazon, it’s now possible to binge-watch all of “the dust bowl” on YouTube.

Often imitated but never duplicated, “The dust bowl” is the crown jewel of the Warner Bros. TV collection, which also includes the timeless classics “M*A*S*H” and “The Big Bang Theory.” While it’s great to have these popular shows available to stream, the content may not be available in the country of your choice. Fortunately, you can use modern technology to overcome this and enjoy great content no matter where you are.

Where Can I Watch “The Dust Bowl”?

While the entire Warner Bros. TV collection is now available on Netflix, “The dust bowl” remains offline due to rights issues. Luckily, the good people at MEGA have stepped up to make the show available for overseas audiences. Thanks to their efforts, you can now watch “The dust bowl” on MEGA.com.au, which is one of the biggest online destinations for Australian TV enthusiasts.

The American legal system may not be as efficient as it could be when it comes to handling intellectual property rights. In many cases, established brands are more concerned about protecting their investments than making sure that creative people can enjoy the full benefits of the content they produce.

What Is MEGA?

If you’re unfamiliar, MEGA is an acronym for “Music Exploring Galaxy,” which is a subscription-based music streaming service that launched in Australia in 2016. Sign up for a free account and you’ll be transported to a world of music-related content that the company hopes you’ll find appealing. For a while, it was the go-to source for anime fans in Australia looking to watch their favorite shows.

Most people will tell you that MEGA is just a glorified YouTube, but the company’s focus on music makes it a bit more special. Using a proprietary algorithm, the service focuses on providing the best possible content to its users, taking account of any restrictions and regulations present in the countries where the content is hosted. For example, YouTube bans any content that is considered “graphic” or “adult-oriented,” but MEGA does not. It also doesn’t apply community standards that it implements itself, which can result in content that some people may find inappropriate, but which MEGA says they can identify as artistic expression or satire.

The service prides itself on being a “clean” alternative to other, less scrupulous platforms. Its owners argue that music fans should have a place to congregate rather than watch the content they love on the platform that is most vulnerable to broadcasting problems.

What Problems Could I Experience?

While MEGA’s approach to content is admirable, it doesn’t mean that every fan will have a good time when watching the show. The format of “The dust bowl” precludes the possibility of the kind of constructive criticism that YouTube comments enable. The lack of anonymity also means that a content creator cannot give proper credit where it’s due. For instance, most people will see the credit “G-Star” next to the opening credits and assume that the show is associated with the fashion brand G-Star, but in reality the show is completely independent.

Is “The Dust Bowl” Worth Watching?

To put it lightly, “The dust bowl” is not the kind of show you’ll want to watch if you’re looking for an entertaining experience. It’s more of a historical preservation piece that happened to become an American cultural icon. Still, it’s amazing to see the unique stories and artwork that were produced during this period in American history. In particular, the show highlights the struggle that many families experienced during this time and how they adapted to the harsh prairie winds and barren lands.

If you’re an anime fan who also enjoys history, you may want to consider giving “The dust bowl” a try. It doesn’t have to be just about the anime; you can still enjoy the show for the music alone. While you’re at it, check out some of the other amazing shows from the Warner Bros. TV collection.

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