What Chips Do They At Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

While we were all distracted by the World Cup this summer, the Speedway racers were out there racing for real. The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup took place over the course of the summer, with the season finale taking place at the legendary Circuit des Estates. This is a big event, held annually at the end of the season, with over 200,000 people attending over the course of the three-day event. We got to see a lot of new and old faces this year, as well as some incredible racing.

There are several popular restaurants at the Speedway, including Jack’s Bar-B-Que and Mama Ruth’s Cafe. You’ll also find lots of other food options, including traditional American meals, alongside the traditional European fare. There are lots of souvenir shops and a handful of entertainment options, including a movie theater and Live Nation concerts.

The most popular spectator sport in the US is now in its 114th season, which began in Octobe r 1900. NASCAR rules are different from Formula One or the Indianapolis 500—the first two sports we mentioned above. NASCAR cars are different from those in F1, too, bearing only a passing resemblance to each other. This is primarily thanks to the fact that NASCAR was originally intended to be a hobby for American truck drivers. You’ll need a valid photo ID to enter the track, and while you’re there, you might as well grab a bite to eat or a drink at one of the bars. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered on that front. Here’s a quick run-down of the most popular chips at the moment.

Frito Lay’s Wavy Taco Flavored Chips

While not technically a chip, Frito Lay’s Wavy Taco Flavored Chips are quite possibly the best in the universe. You’ve probably never had something quite like them, as these are a unique combination of sweet, salty, and crispy with a hint of spice.

These are quite possibly the perfect snack for someone who’s traveling to or from work, as they’re easy to transport and will keep you feeling refreshed. While you’re there, you might as well grab some food and snacks to eat on your journey. Frito Lay’s Wavy Taco Flavored Chips would go perfectly with a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day at the races. As an added bonus, you’ll also find a lot of other food options at the track, including various types of pretzels, gourmet popcorn, and hot dogs—all of which are finger food, of course.

Honeycomb Chicken & Cheese Chips

Honeycomb Chicken & Cheese Chips are a unique take on the classic cheese-and-chicken combo, with pieces of chicken and cheese fused together to create a unique textured snack. For those looking for something a little less processed, they’re also available in an artisanal natural cheese blend, so you’ll feel better knowing these are wholesome snacks.

We love the name of these chips, as it evokes imagery of some sort of futuristic space food. You might not want to admit it, but we all know you were daydreaming about space food the other day, too. It’s a combination of crispy, crumbly buffalo chicken and sharp cheddar that will leave you feeling truly inspired. With a nice glass of wine, you’ll have yourself an ideal quiet night in front of the TV.

Ravioli Lasagna Flavored Chips

Ravioli Lasagna Flavored Chips are an interesting take on ravioli, using that popular pasta as the base for these chips. These are essentially miniature lasagnas, with each chip containing four mini balls of pasta, smothered in tomato sauce and cheese. This is a nice alternative for those who feel like a classic piece of chicken or fish might be a bit too plain.

The inspiration for these came from the truck drivers of Illinois, who craved a taste of their favorite food—lasagna—while on the road. A perfect solution, these chips combine the best of both worlds—cheese and pasta, in the form of little ravioli. These snacks could be purchased individually, or in a pack of four, for those traveling or working together as a team. You’ll find a lot of different brands at the Speedway, so you’re bound to find something that suits your taste. When you’re planning your next road trip, these are some things you might want to bring along. They’re easy to transport and will provide you with a lot of energy while on the go.

Hamburgers & Fries Flavored Chips

If you’re a fan of hamburgers and fries, then these are the chips for you. Each and every bag of Ambrosia Burger & Fries Flavored Chips contains a generous portion of both, hence the name. These are essentially a cross between a chocolate chip and a waffle chip, with bits of both mixed together for a unique textured feel similar to a gourmet soda cracker or a gingerbread cookie.

The inspiration for these came from a similar product sold in Europe, where they are also known as Ambrosia Cracker Chips or simply Sodi Chips. These are great for people who want a savory snack that isn’t overly processed, yet still has the texture of a cracker or cookie. For those looking for something sweet, we recommend these chips as a healthier alternative to regular potato chips, as they contain fewer calories. You can find them at most supermarkets, or try an independent grocery store if you can’t find them at your local big box store. Hamburgers & Fries Flavored Chips are a great source of fiber, too, so you can feel good about providing your body with important nutrients while on the go.

Hot Dog Flavored Chips

Hot Dog Flavored Chips are yet another spin on the classic veggie-and-meat combo, with a dog-shaped cookie coated in seasoned potato crisps. The hot dog flavor is mild and can be easily overpowered by other spices, so you might find yourself enjoying a bit more conventional choices, like BBQ, or even steak flavors.

These are a great choice for kids, too, as they have a mild flavor that might be easier for little ones to handle. You’ll find many different brands at the Speedway, including the classic Vienna Hot Dog and the more modern-looking Turkey Sundae Hot Dog, so you’re bound to find something that suits your taste. These are also a great choice for those with dietary restrictions, as they contain no gluten, wheat, dairy, or egg.

Pretzel Flavored Chips

Pretzel Flavored Chips are similar to Hot Dog Flavored Chips, but with a twist. These are actually potato chip varieties coated in chocolate, crushed pretzels, or both. They’re essentially a hybrid between a hot dog and a pretzel, with all of the fun flavor profile of a crushed pretzel combined with the texture of a hot dog. These chips are available in a classic hot dog flavor, as well as others featuring curry, garlic, or onion powder, which are great for those who like a bit of a kick in their bites.

These are available in many supermarkets, as well as some specialty stores, so finding them shouldn’t be too difficult. If you can’t find them near you, try ordering them online, as they’re quite possibly the best when it comes to freshness and quality. You might want to consider bringing some on your next vacation, as they could provide the ideal relaxing and revitalizing beach read. Or if you like to camp, these would make a great addition to your gear. Just keep in mind that they aren’t terribly practical for biking, as the shape inhibits airflow significantly. While we were all distracted by the World Cup this year, the racing season is now over, and the drivers are headed back to their garages to get prepped for next year. Hopefully, you learned a little bit about the chips that the NASCAR fans are currently gobbling up. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Is there a brand you’d try if you were in Greece?

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