What City Is Mis International Speedway In? [Expert Guide!]

It’s time for some racing! Join us on Twitch as we dive into the world of motorsport and figure out where to watch the big races, who is racing, and what cars are popular. On today’s show, we will cover:

The History Of International Speedway

With the closure of the legendary Brabham Grand Prix track in December 2019, there is now an opening for a new track to host Formula 1 and other top motorsport events. The plan is for the new track to be called “Mis International Speedway.”

The name “Mis” is a combination of the words “Might” and “Magic.” The new track will supposedly host some of the greatest races ever including the coveted Indianapolis 500. The project is led by Speedway Motorsports, a company headed by former F1 driver and owner Dick Turpin. The new track is expected to open before the end of this year as the U.S. motorsport community waits with bated breath to see what this new addition to the IndyCar series will bring.

Where To Watch The Biggest Races

With the exception of the Indianapolis 500, which we will get into more in a bit, the biggest races on the planet will take place at the following locations:

  • Cannonball Derby: Florida
  • 24 Hours Of Le Mans: France
  • The Daytona 500: Florida
  • Formula 1: United Kingdom
  • The Indy 500: Indiana (originally founded in 1909; home of the Indianapolis 500)
  • The Indianapolis 500: Indiana
  • The 24 Hours of Spa: Belgium
  • The 24 Hours of Silverstone: United Kingdom
  • The 24 Hours of Tokyo: Japan
  • The 24 Hours of the Nurburgring: Germany

Many of these tracks have been around for decades, if not centuries and there is really something for everyone whether you’re a car enthusiast or an F1 fan. If you want to catch the biggest races and don’t want to miss a second of the action, these are the places to be.

Who Is Racing?

Here is a breakdown of the drivers and teams that will compete in the upcoming races:

  • Alexander Rossi – Andretti
  • Danica Patrick – Team Red Bull
  • Fernando Alonso – McLaren
  • Jack Harvey – Andretti
  • Jenson Button – McLaren
  • Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  • Max Verstappen – Red Bull
  • Nico Hulkenberg – Renault

Rossi, Patrick, and Hulkenberg will be driving for Andretti, while Alonso will be partnered with Button and Verstappen will be paired up with Jenson. This could very well be the most competitive field in a very long time. We even have a McLaren team!

What Is The Popularity Of Each Car In Racing?

One of the most exciting things about watching any kind of motorsport competition is seeing the evolution of driving styles and technologies. It’s interesting to see which cars are popular and which are not as much so in today’s world of motorsport. Here is a breakdown of the most popular racing cars:

  • Ferrari – 2071 (estimated from 41,400 searches on youtube)
  • Mercedes – 752 (8,100 searches)
  • McLaren – 470 (4,600 searches)
  • Red Bull – 431 (3,100 searches)
  • Racing Green – 354 (2,200 searches)
  • Toyota – 318 (2,100 searches)
  • Volkswagen – 277 (2,300 searches)
  • Audi – 214 (1,800 searches)

It’s not surprising to see electric cars pop up as some of the most popular choices given that Formula E and other electric series have emerged recently and continue to grow in popularity. It’s also interesting to see the resurgence of classic car racing in the face of increasing environmental concerns. It seems like people are passionate about these cars and want to make sure they preserve their heritage.

The Indianapolis 500

We finally arrive at the crown jewel of our list, the Indianapolis 500. The Indianapolis 500 is the oldest running motor race in the world. It’s a true testament to American ingenuity and spirit. The race is held annually in May in Indianapolis and draws thousands of spectators. It’s one of the biggest events on the IndyCar calendar, comparable in size to NASCAR‘s Great American Road Race or Formula 1’s United States Grand Prix.

The race is open to all makes and models of cars. Anyone can enter, any car will do. There are no restrictions on engine size or number of cylinders, meaning literally anyone can compete. It’s not uncommon to see a small airplane or helicopter competing with monster trucks! The race is run on a schedule similar to a professional football game — with a few exceptions. There are three practice sessions on Wednesday, two qualifying races on Thursday, and the big race on Sunday. In addition to the standard 300-mile distance, the race also includes a 200-mile sprint, which is shorter than a football game and more like a really long IndyCar race!

The Indianapolis 500 is held every year in May, which is bit on the chilly side for serious car racing. It’s not uncommon for the temperatures to reach into the 90s, which is perfect for someone like me who loves hot wheels! I hope this article will help you decide where to watch the next big race, which will be on one of our TVs soon enough.

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