What City Is Texas Motor Speedway In? [Ultimate Guide!]

What city is Texas Motor Speedway in? It might be one of the most interesting questions you could ask about the famous race track. The short answer is, ‘It depends.’’ When you start to think about it, though, there are several different cities that could fit the bill. Here’s a list of some of the possibilities.


The Dallas Cowboys actually train at a different track in Fort Worth, Texas. Dallas is actually an hour and a half away from the race track. There’s a train that goes there from downtown Dallas, but that doesn’t stop anyone from going to the game. The Cowboys’ season opener is on September 10, so you have a little over ten days to make the trip.

Though the Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1995, the team is still considered one of the best in the NFL. They won the NFC East in 2002, 2003, and 2005, and they’re usually one of the first teams that fans think about when the season begins. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to one of their home games, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.


If you want to visit Texas Motor Speedway, you’ll probably want to include Houston on your itinerary. The Houston Astros train at the facility as well, so you can take in a game or two during the week. Like the Cowboys, the Houston Texans have also never won a ring, but the team did make it to the Superbowl in 2006, losing to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Houston Rockets also play at the race track, and the schedule is so packed that you might not get a chance to see all of the games. If you’re a fan of professional basketball, you’ll have to make the trip to Texas Motor Speedway just to see your favorite teams play.


The Austin area is home to the Texas Longhorns, who also train at the facility, as well as the University of Texas. It’s also the place where the live music scene is based. It would be a shame to visit Texas Motor Speedway and not check out some of the bars and clubs nearby. You’ll be able to catch some live music, maybe even some football, and have some drinks with friends.

If you’re really a football fan, you can stop by the Texas Sports Authority (TSA) in Fort Worth and get a ticket for the big game on September 10. You’ll be able to see how some of the players celebrate a touchdown. The tickets are usually inexpensive, and it’s a great way to connect with fellow fans. You can also purchase discounted group rates if you’re traveling with friends or family.


Arlington is home to a lot of fancy suites and luxury boxes at the race track. The Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium is actually a couple of miles away from the track. The city is also home to the Texas Rangers, who play at the park there. There are a lot of high-end hotels in the area, as well as some lesser known boutique hotels that you might want to try out.

If you want to stay in Arlington and be within walking distance to the Cowboys’ stadium, there are several high-end hotels that you could choose from. You could also rent a luxury vehicle to get around the city. You won’t have to walk more than a mile or two to get to the airport, making the journey a breeze. It’s a great place to be if you’re a football fan, and it’s close to a lot of other famous cities like Dallas and Fort Worth. It would be a shame to visit this beautiful place and not visit the attractions nearby.


Frisco is home to the Dallas Cowboys, but it’s also the site of the annual Texas State Fair. If you ever get a chance to go there, make sure you visit the World’s Largest Bratwurst Stall. The smell of the bratwurst will remind you of why you traveled all that way. You can’t miss the rides or the food competitions either. The fair is held just north of Dallas, and it runs for about a month, so you’ll have your pick of games during that time frame.

San Antonio

The San Antonio area is home to the Texas Rangers as well as the San Antonio Spurs, who you might know as the NBA champions. It’s also the place where the Alamo is, so it’s fitting that it’s home to such historic sites. If you’re looking for a one-night stay, there are plenty of hotels in the area. In addition to the tourist attractions, there are also several bars and restaurants that are within walking distance to the hotel. This would make for a perfect late-night retreat for basketball fans.

If you’re looking for a longer stay and you want to make the most of your visit, there are plenty of San Antonio attractions that you could visit. For instance, you could check out the Military Museums, which are actually part of the San Antonio Center for the Performing Arts. You could also take a tour of the Alamo Drafthouse, which is actually a movie theater chain. It’s the place where famous director Quentin Tarantulli works, and though the cinema is attached to the Alamo, you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different city. Make sure you visit the Alamo when you have a chance, as it’s an important part of Texas history. In addition to the Alamo, you could also visit the Fort Concho Civil War Museum, which is adjacent to the racetrack. Like many other cities in Texas, San Antonio is a hub for tourism, so be sure to make the most of it. You can get tickets to see the Spurs play at the AT&T Center at the same time as the game.


Waco is home to the Baylor Bears, who you might know from their football team. The football program has been exceptionally successful, going 96-64-2 during its century-long history and making the CFB Playoff five times, including twice as a divisional opponent of the Cowboys. If you’re in Waco for a football game, make sure you check out McLane Stadium. It’s one of the most legendary venues in American sports. If you’d like, you could visit the Baylor Student Center, where you’ll be able to get a good look at the stadium and get a peek at the inside the school.

Though it’s not one of the biggest cities in Texas, Waco is close to both Dallas and Austin. If you’re looking to travel a little outside of the area and would like to see some of the biggest stadiums in America, make sure you visit the Astrodome in Houston. It’s still one of the greatest venues in league history. If you ever get a chance to go there, make sure you do. It’s quite the experience.

The Big Bend

The biggest bend in the road is actually in Texas, not in the vehicle. If you’d like to travel a little outside of the area and see some of the wildest and most beautiful countryside, make sure you head to Ransom Lake. The lake is actually divided into four distinct sections, and though there are no roads that lead to the lake, it’s definitely worth the drive. You’ll be able to see numerous birds and wildlife in their natural habitat. The most photographed lake in Texas has a small boating dock and a few marinas. There are also several campgrounds nearby if you’d like to pitch a tent. Though the area is definitely big enough to fit all of your family, you might want to bring a kayak or canoe along. You won’t get too far without needing a vehicle. The only other significant town nearby is Marfa.

The Texas Triangle

The Dallas area is surrounded by several other cities, including Fort Worth, which is directly to the north. In addition to the large residential areas that surround the downtown, there are also several small towns that dot the area. If you’d like to get a feel for what a real Texas town is like, make sure you visit either Denton or McKinney, which are in close proximity to the area. You’ll be able to get a taste of traditional Americana. There are also several wineries in the area that offer tours and provide samples of their wares. Though most of the towns in this area have been named after Spanish settlers, the area was originally part of Mexico until it became part of the US in 1845.

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