What City Is The Texas Motor Speedway In? [Answered!]

It’s no secret that the Motor Speedway, one of the most recognizable sports venues in the world, is located in Fort Worth, TX. However, exactly which city the famous track resides in has been the subject of much debate. To clear up the mystery, we decided to explore the city’s demographics, economy, and transportation to get a better idea of what makes it tick.

Geography And Demographics

The city of Fort Worth is located in North Texas, which is a part of the United States. Though the area was once considered rural and desolate, thanks to the discovery of oil in 1930, Fort Worth boomed and became quite the metropolis. Today, the city’s population is approximately 715,000 and continues to grow.

The city’s geography is interesting because it sits on a flat prairie. However, because it is near the geographic center of the country, the area experiences extreme temperatures. In fact, the temperature can rise as high as 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and drop as low as -20 degrees at night. The combination of wind and sunshine can be brutal, so it’s no wonder that Fort Worth is arguably one of the most aggressive cities in the country when it comes to building air-conditioning systems.

The Economy

The economy of Fort Worth is diversified, boasting industries such as transportation, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and oil and gas. Though oil and gas are no longer major contributors to the city’s revenue, they play a significant part in its economy nonetheless. The city is home to the Cushing Museum, one of the largest private collections of vintage cars in the world. The museum’s collection is made up of more than 100 vehicles, including works by Edward Elvin Wiley and George Barris. If you visit the site, it’s important to note that some of the cars there are more than 100 years old and require specialized mechanics to drive.


One of the major ways in which Fort Worth is different from the rest of the country is in its transportation infrastructure. In most other cities, people get around via private vehicles, usually cars or trucks. In Fort Worth, the city’s mass transportation options include buses, subways, and trains. Additionally, the airport has a direct bus connection to the city center. Though still a relatively new development, the Light Rail also stops at the airport, connecting it to Downtown and other major cities.

Population And Housing

As mentioned, the population of Fort Worth continues to grow, which makes it essential to have enough housing for all those people. Fortunately, the city’s authorities are taking this matter seriously and have built numerous new residential areas in the last few decades. The cost of living in Fort Worth is also relatively low, which makes it quite suitable for middle-class families. In fact, buying a home in one of the city’s new neighborhoods is quite affordable and within reach of even the lowest income families.

Schools And Universities

Thanks to the city’s large population and highly evolved educational system, Fort Worth is home to several prestigious universities. Among them are the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Christian University, and the University of North Texas. Additionally, the city’s high school sports teams aren’t bad, either, winning various titles in their respective sports. The largest high school in the city is Taylor High School, with a graduating class of more than 1,200 students. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have any professional sports teams, which is a real shame because the fans would definitely flock to cheer for their favorite team.


Though it may not be obvious to those visiting Fort Worth, the city is actually quite culturally rich. The local institutions include the Bass Performance Hall, the Fort Worth Opera House, the Statesman Theatre, and the Arlington Theatre. Additionally, several museums showcase the city’s rich heritage, including the Kimbell Art Museum, the Modern Art Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. There’s also the Trinity River Audubon Society, which protects and promotes the city’s rivers and green space. All told, Fort Worth is a dynamic city with a lot to offer those looking for new opportunities and a change of pace.

So, which city is the Texas Motor Speedway in? Why, it’s in Fort Worth of course! Though there may be some who travel to the Speedway for the races, the most valuable thing about this city is that it is home to the famous track.

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