What County Is Ace Speedway In? [Facts!]

The NASCAR racing season is over, which means you have another month or two left of the long, dark winter. While you were sleeping, the motorsport world changed. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the start of the season and then completely halted it. There are now plans to race the 2021 season and beyond. Many top drivers, including Joe May, have already committed to racing next year. There’s plenty of work for everyone. The question is: Where do I go to find a job?

Unlike most other racing series, NASCAR temporarily suspended its season in March. The final race was on April 7th, and the decision was made to pause the season in light of the growing number of cases of COVID-19. The series hasn’t raced since. The impact of the pandemic was immediate. Many shops, both online and in person stores, closed down. People lost their jobs, and many had to rely on unemployment benefits to make it through. Thankfully, the economy has started to turn around, and those who worked in areas where they could physically distance themselves from customers are now able to return to work. That’s great for them, but it also means there are now more people out of work. There’s lots of work for car enthusiasts, especially considering how many employees a typical car company has. It’s a good time to be a car buff.

Where Do I Start?

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic has been on the staffing and employment market. Many businesses, both large and small-scale, have closed down. There are now more people available for jobs, and more job seekers than usual. This has led to a major overhaul of the job search and application processes. Applicants are now required to apply online, and businesses are now able to access a much wider talent pool through their websites and online applications. The competition for jobs has increased, and businesses have to work hard to ensure they stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a job in car sales or service, here’s where you start.

Online Application

One of the benefits of the pandemic is that it forced businesses to change the way they do things. The number of people applying for jobs online increased by 77% in April 2021 compared to the same month last year. It’s the wave of the future. Whether you love cars or not, you have to admit that the way we all applied for jobs during the pandemic was pretty exceptional. The applications themselves were a breeze. There were no long, boring interviews. The software did all the hard work for you. You just had to enter a few details, and you were good to go. The only things that weren’t automated were the phone calls to verify your application. In most cases, the recruitment company would call you within a few days to follow up. Now that the economy is slowly starting to recover, businesses can get back to normal, and a lot of the applications that were built during the pandemic are no longer needed. Just make sure you follow all of their instructions carefully. One small mistake can lead to a botched application. They might even ask you for some additional information, which you’ll have to find quickly in the event you forget an important detail.

Contact The Dealer You Chose

Once you’ve found a job you like, the next step is to contact the car dealership or auto shop and get an application. The easiest and the most popular way to do this is online. In 2021, 60% of all auto sales are now carried out online. Most dealerships have an online application process, and it’s usually fairly easy to complete. Just make sure you do your research before you make any purchase online. This way, you’ll be sure you’re getting the best price possible. It’s also good to meet the people who will be serving you. In the event you have any problems, you’ll be able to get in touch with the person you dealt with directly. Most importantly, make sure you read reviews online before you make any purchase decisions. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. Keep in mind that the car industry changed, and with it, so did the way you deal with car problems. Nowadays, you’ll have to expect that there’s some kind of remote assistance available, even if it’s just through email. This may be something the dealership is offering as part of their service, so there’s no reason not to take them up on it. Many businesses have transitioned to an online/remote working arrangement as a result of the pandemic. It’s the wave of the future, and if you’re not prepared for it, you’ll soon be left behind. If you’ve applied for a job online and been called in for an interview, congratulations! You made it through the first round. Hopefully, the next step will be inviting you to join the team.

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