What County Is Texas Motor Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

Texas Motor Speedway is located in the county of Tarrant, which is in the state of Texas. The speedway was originally named after race car driver Tim Richmond, who was from Kingwood, and won the first running of the race there in 1934. Since then, the speedway has expanded to become one of the most well-known motorsports venues in the country. It currently features two road courses and one oval track, Sprint Triple Crown, Bank of America Invitational, and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. The name of the venue has changed several times over the years, with the most recent iteration being the TMS Performance Driving Park. Each summer, the speedway hosts a Formula One race, which is one of the highlights of the Texas sporting calendar.

The Different Types of Motorsports Venues At TMS Performance Driving Park

There are three different types of motorsports venues at the Texas Motorspeedway. The first is the Oval track. These are the traditional racetrack layouts that are found at many sports venues, including football fields and baseball parks. The track’s circumference is split into two turns, known as the “bumpers”, with the remaining part being the “straight”. During a lap, the car negotiates the entire track, making a small number of complete laps. The second type of venue is the Road course, which is similar to an oval track, but instead of the corners being cut off, there are numerous off-roads snaking around the outside of the track. Finally, there is the Sprint course, which is the smallest of the three. It is essentially a straight course, with a bunch of turns that are spaced out closely together. Between each of the turns is a short stretch of road called a “straightaway”. Sprint courses are ideal for practicing, as the tight turns make it hard for the driver to mistake his line.

The History Of Texas Motor Speedway

Before the construction of the current Texas Motor Speedway, the land that is now the venue was farmland. In fact, it was originally owned by W.W. “Bill” Stout, and the family of Max Fisher. The first track was built on this land in 1929, and was actually a wooden racetrack. This inaugural track only lasted for one season, as the Great Depression hit and people stopped going to races. The next year, the track was rebuilt and expanded to 2.5 miles, and since then it has remained the same size.

Where Did The Name “Richmond” Come From?

Tim Richmond was a native of Kingwood, Texas, and even though he raced in the Northeast and Canada, he always considered himself a Texan. It was during his time in Kingwood that he became friends with Bill Stout, and the two of them would often go for drives in the country. One night, while returning from a drive, Richmond saw a huge storm approaching, so he decided to head for a nearby ranch to see if he could help. On the way, he called ahead to ask if anyone needed assistance, and the rest is history.

Where Does The Money Go At TMS?

The Texas Motor Speedway is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means that the majority of its income goes back into the community. This includes paying for local sports teams to use the track, sponsoring scholarships, and providing grants for local high schools. The speedway does not run ads or have any corporate sponsorships, which it says helps keep overhead low and the price tag reasonable. A large majority of the money that the speedway generates is through ticket sales and hospitality packages. These are sold at the gate, or over the internet, with a small number of corporate sponsorships and individual donations.

The Texas Motor Speedway is committed to being a good neighbor, and has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. It also keeps a close eye on over-ticketing, by implementing a strict limit on individual tickets, and only letting certain groups book the track. Finally, it works with the community to keep kids engaged in healthy activities. They hold annual charity golf tournaments, where all of the proceeds go to local children’s charities. Each track day, kids can be found selling popcorn and ice cream in the parking lot, which helps pay for their costumes and accessories.

The Future Of TMS

There is already a lot of buzz surrounding the new Texas Motor Speedway, with construction on the new track and events venues starting earlier this year. In addition to the brand new facilities, there are plans for expanded media coverage and new products associated with the race shop, ticket office, and food vendors.

The first event at the new speedway will be the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. The series’ most recent stop was in Fort Worth earlier this year, and there are now plans to have the race annually in Texas. In 2021, the Whelen will be celebrating its 75th anniversary, with a special purple-and-black paint scheme on the cars. The date of the anniversary race is yet to be determined, but it is expected to be either in May or June.

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