What Did Speedway Pay For Superamerica Become? [Ultimate Guide!]

It’s hard to put into words the emotions that flooded me when I first heard that Superamerica had been acquired by Speedway. I had to sit down for a moment and take a break from my day before I could even begin to believe it. Superamerica was and still is one of my favorite NASCAR races, in part because it marks the halfway point of the season and in part because of the unique atmosphere and setting it provides.

That’s a sentiment that many fans and observers have shared. ESPN called it “one of the most historic and iconic venues in all of motorsports,” while USA Today said the race “is as American as apple pie and as quintessentially ‘American as baseball’ as it gets.”

So, when I found out that Speedway had purchased Superamerica, it came as no surprise that I would be ecstatic. What did surprise me was just how quickly Speedway moved to make this happen.

SuperAmerica’s History

It all started back in 1971, when Richard Petty bought a half-interest in a small track located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. He had just finished the 1972 NASCAR season and realized that he needed a change of pace if he ever wanted to compete for championships. He decided that a short sprint race would be the perfect fit, and thus was born the now-legendary SuperAmerica.

It wasn’t long before other NASCAR owners began to follow suit, and the annual SuperAmerica race became the first of what would eventually become a yearly tradition. Some of the more recognizable names who followed Petty’s lead in the creation of a sprint race include the Bass family, Jack Roush, and Tony Stewart. Each of these families have contributed in some way to the growth and popularity of SuperAmerica. The majority of the credit for SuperAmerica’s growth, though, goes to Richard Petty. With each new version of the race, his name became more and more synonymous with the event. By the early 2000s, the majority of the credit for the growth of SuperAmerica went to Richard Petty.

How Did SpeedWash Help Make This Acquisition Possible?

In the early 2000s, Richard Petty was looking for a way to remain competitive as he grew older. He had won seven straight championships by that point and was looking for a way to maintain his fitness while also giving him a way to spend more time with his family. He considered buying an airline, but didn’t want to simply purchase a ticket to wherever he needed to go. He realized that his best chance at continuing his winning ways was by becoming more involved in the sport itself. This is where speedway came in.

Speedway became involved in the sport through the Junior Johnson family. Junior had begun his racing career in the mid-1950s and continued to make his mark on the sport, becoming a prominent crew chief and team owner. He eventually bought out his partner, Bill France Jr., and took over the operations of NASCAR. The Johnson family has had a significant impact on the sport ever since. Through this acquisition, Richard Petty gained a spot on the NASCAR circuit, and with it, a way to continue competing at the highest levels.

What Is The Future Of SuperAmerica?

As for now, there’s no word on what the future of SuperAmerica holds. Richard Petty currently has a contract with NASCAR that will keep him on the circuit through at least the 2019 season. It remains to be seen what changes, if any, he’ll make to the race, but for now, at least, we know it’ll continue to be one of the most prestigious races on the circuit.

I have to imagine that there are a lot of changes the Petty’s could make that would make the average fan excited. He could shorten the amount of time between each individual race, for example. Or, he could introduce a couple new rules to the mix, like limiting the amount of cars that can be entered into the race or limiting the amount of tires that can be used throughout the season. These are just some of the things that come to mind. It’s hard to put into words the impact that Richard Petty has had on the sport of NASCAR. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest competitors to ever walk the earth, and it’s an honor to have witnessed his career first-hand.

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