What Do Speedway Workers Do? [Answered!]

Most people know what truck drivers do, but what do the other employees at the race track do? Do they park cars, take bets, or work the pits? You may know some of the answers, but you might not know all of them. You’ll learn a few key things about the employees and other people who work at the speedway (such as IndyCar, NASCAR, and MLS) in this article.


One of the things you’ll learn is that employees at the speedway are in charge of broadcasting the events to fans. There are three main TV channels that covers racing in the US: NBC, CBS, and Fox. If you go to the website for any of these channels you’ll see a section for motorsports, which has live streaming video from various events.

There are also plenty of digital options, such as the IndyCar app and the ever-popular Nascar app. These allow viewers to follow the action live on their phones. The only problem is that the app versions are quite expensive (the IndyCar app is $10/mo) and may not be available in all countries.


You’ll also learn that employees at the speedway are in charge of packing the cars and other vehicles for the fans. This is part of their job security as well, because if the cars are not packed properly, they might get damaged during transportation. It is also a crucial part of their job, because they have to ensure that each car is packed to the proper specifications. For example, tires should be put on the car so they can be inflated at the right pressures; lug nuts should be tightened properly; and transmission fluids should be checked and topped off if needed.


You’ll learn that employees at the speedway are in charge of meeting with sponsors and other important people in the industry. They work closely with the marketing department to ensure that sponsors have the right information about the events they are supporting. Sometimes they will handle the negotiations with the sponsors, and other times they will simply provide input on which events the sponsors should be supporting.


You’ll also learn that employees are responsible for parking cars at the speedway. This is part of their administrative tasks as well. They have to figure out where the cars will go (usually there are spaces for them in the infield), and they have to make sure that each car is brought to its proper place. This is a crucial part of the speedway job, because it ensures that there are no last-minute emergencies when the cars are being driven around the track.


You’ll learn that employees at the speedway are in charge of many other things, from ticketing to hospitality to scoring to timing to everything in between. Depending on the role they play, they may need to work closely with the race director, police, or other employees for the IndyCar, NASCAR, or MLS organizations. This can be a difficult job, because there is always something that needs to be done. However, if you get bored doing the same thing day in and day out you may seek other employment. But you’ll have an excellent career in sports management or marketing if you keep up with the right habits.

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