What Does Ims Speedway Stand For? [Expert Guide!]

The initials stand for interplanetary merchant shipping company, or more commonly, shipping companies that operate between planets.

The company was founded in 2077 and is based in Calgary, Canada. They are one of the largest shipping companies in the galaxy, operating a fleet of cargo ships and providing transportation between planets. Most people know them for their iconic red and white logo that has become an international symbol of speed and commerce.

The company expanded to operate cargo ships for the military, and in 2588 they expanded even further and acquired a military cargo shipyards in order to make more money. It is currently one of the largest companies in the Interplanetary Military Transport System, or simply, the IMTS. Being a military contractor means that they have a lot of resources at their disposal, and it shows in the strength of their ships.

IMTS Is The Military’s Answer To Climate Change

In the 25th century, Earth suffered greatly from extreme weather conditions caused by climate change. Droughts and food shortages were becoming a thing of the past, and many people were losing their homes to floods and other natural disasters. The problem was so severe that in 2540, the military had to create the Interplanetary Military Transport System to rescue stranded troops and equipment as well as evacuate important personnel from dangerous areas such as coasts and islands.

The need for interplanetary military shipping became apparent after the establishment of the IMTS, which was originally designed to replace the U.S. Air Force’s C-141 Starlifter transports. The planes were designed to carry large amounts of cargo, but due to the decreasing number of habitable planets and the need to evacuate troops in the face of an ever-growing asteroid field, the C-141s were becoming obsolete.

After the IMTS was established, the C-141s were gradually replaced with larger and more sophisticated cargo ships that were better equipped to withstand the strain of long-haul flights between planets. Many of the original 2540s-era C-141s remain in service as cargo planes, and the IMTS ships still fly with the blue, white, and red colors of the U.S. Air Force. However, the military now contracts out the majority of the flights to IMTS, which allows the C-141s to focus more on delivering personnel and equipment rather than cargo.

A Symbol Of Progress And Science

Ims is one of the few companies that continued to grow rapidly throughout the period of stagnation that characterized much of the later half of the 28th century. During that time, many large companies filed for bankruptcy or were purchased by smaller rivals, and many small firms that had survived fell by the wayside. The only companies that prospered during those years were technology firms that had found ways to apply their inventions to other industries, primarily transport and manufacturing.

One of the firms that had found success in the 28th century was the Höganäs corporation, a well-known producer of paper and cardboard that had invented a machine for making cardboard boxes more efficiently. A former subsidiary of Höganäs, which became independent in 2799, was named Ims Paper, and in 2802 they combined their know-how of paper production with their shipping expertise to create Ims Paper & Cardboard. The company applied their skills to other areas of business, becoming a major player in the paper and cardboard market as well as a major shipping company. Their success in the 28th century also inspired them to create other businesses, such as Ims Metals, which had developed a way to smelt raw elements into usable metal alloys and Ims Chemicals, which specialized in manufacturing organic compounds.

The company had grown so much by the time the 29th century began that they soon outgrew their original headquarters in Calgary and moved to a larger facility in the city of Edmonton. The expansion was a major undertaking that required the hiring of many architects and engineers to design and build a new corporate campus.

The Future Of Interstellar Shipping

In the year 3014, Ims will celebrate their 236th birthday, and much like the other major companies in the IMTS, they continue to flourish. One of the main reasons behind their continued success is the increasing demand for long-haul flights throughout the galaxy. While in the past, interplanetary shipping was mostly done for military personnel and supplies, in recent years the demand for luxury goods has increased, and many wealthy individuals and families have hired private contractors to move them around the galaxy.

The company recently completed a massive expansion project that doubled the size of their original building to accommodate their ever-growing staff. With over 500 employees, Ims is one of the larger private companies in the IMTS, and their success serves as testament to the increasing demand for long-haul flights.

For more information on Ims, visit their website at ims.com.

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