What Engines Are Used In Speedway Bikes? [Solved!]

Motorcycles have been a part of society for over a century and have consistently been a popular form of transport for both men and women throughout the years. Unfortunately, not all motorcycles are created equal. Different makes and models require separate treatment in terms of maintenance and operation. Knowing what engines are used in different types of motorcycles can help guide you toward the right routine for specific machines.

Thrusters Or Twin Spark Engines?

One of the first questions you will need to answer is whether you want a thruster bike or a twin-spark bike. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but they have significant differences.

A thruster is a one-cylinder engine that is powered by a push button that is attached to the handlebars. When you push the button, the engine turns over and gives you some thrust. You can feel this when you pull back on the handlebars. You might also experience some vibration when you push the button, but this is usually tolerable. In addition, only some thruster bikes are truly automatic; usually you have to push the throttle manually even when standing still. This makes them more accessible to beginners, but it also means you have to be more vigilant regarding your engine speed.

Thruster Bikes

Thruster bikes can be a decent option for beginners who are just getting started in motorcycling or those who want a fast and easy motorcycle to cruise around on. You don’t really need much more than a functional motorcycle with good tires and a place to sleep to enjoy a thruster bike. They are a bit more affordable than other options as well. Many manufacturers offer thruster bikes with various safety features, comfortable seats, and storage space for your belongings. If easy driving and affordability are your top priorities, then thruster bikes are an excellent choice for you.

Twin Spark Engines

A twin spark engine is a two-cylinder engine that allows for greater fuel efficiency and lower operating costs. The two cylinders are connected to a common crank pin that turns the same way. One of the benefits of a twin spark engine is it has two ignition points, which makes starting easier for the driver. This coupled with the lightweight construction of the engine make it ideal for high-performance driving. You will also notice a significant difference in the sound of a twin spark engine when compared to a thruster. The growl of a twin spark engine is truly captivating, and many individuals claim it to be more pleasing to the ears.

Twin Spark Bikes

A twin spark bike is a high-performance motorcycle that is built around a twin spark engine. These are also known as V twin bikes because the two cylinders are located towards the back of the vehicle and create a larger surface area when compared to other configurations. The shape of a V twin bike allows for more maneuverability and better gas mileage. The increased surface area also results in improved aerodynamics, which in turn promotes greater speeds and more confident riding.

Each twin spark engine is different, so knowing which one is used in your particular bike is essential to keeping it in good condition. Not all twin spark engines are created equal, either, so it is important to do your research before purchasing one.

Hybrid Engines

If you want a more luxurious experience but also need reliable and affordable transportation, consider a hybrid engine. You will find a variety of hybrid engines from which to choose, ranging from mild-hybrid to full-blown electric motors. These engines are a combination of both engines mentioned above and are typically more expensive than other options. However, they do offer a distinctive experience, especially with the full-blown electric models. You will find a hybrid engine in every price range, making them a viable option for all. The best part is you will not need to do any maintenance other than change the oil and filter as usual.

There are a variety of different makes and models of speedway bikes out there, all with their perks and quirks. Knowing the differences in engine technology between the various models and brands will help you choose the right one for your needs. If you have a specific model or brand in mind and need help choosing the right parts, be sure to ask our experts at Kawasaki service. They are experts in motorcycle maintenance and can help you choose the right equipment for your particular situation.

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