What Guys To Wear To Speedway? [Updated!]

Well, the trucks are rolling in, the beer is flowing, and the air is thick with testosterone. It’s time for American speedway.

While you might associate speedway with dirt tracks and cowboys, today’s iteration is much more sophisticated. The trucks are still huge, but they drive more smoothly and are more closely matched than ever before.

But what should you wear to Speedway? You can never have too much information, and this is something you’ll need to keep in mind. Different tracks might have different rules and standards, but you’ll always be safe to know what’s expected of you.

What To Wear

First off, you shouldn’t wear a hat inside the stadium. Security will have your head scanned, and they’ll give you a hard time if you’ve got a hat on while entering the stadium.

As for the rest of your clothes, you need to follow the templates given to you by the track. There are no set rules for what specifically you should wear to Speedway, but there are some broad guidelines that apply across the board.

For example, you should wear a form-fitting shirt that shows off your muscles. Those who attend games frequently tell us that they love our retro racing shirts because they feel that they can move more freely while still keeping their shirts on. They also love the way our retro racing shirts hug their bodies.

And you should wear shoes or boots that can handle a little bit of dirt and grime. You should also be prepared to change your shoes several times during the game – asphalt and dirt are two very different things, and your shoes will thank you for the variety while also reminding you of the nature of the surface you’re driving on.

This brings us to the most important piece of advice: when in Speedway, follow the conventions. This means following the rules set down by the organizers of the event as well as exhibiting good sportsmanship. You wouldn’t want to ruin someone’s fun just because you disagree with their choices, no matter how unique or how right you might feel your choices are.

The Importance Of Having Enough Hydration

You need to stay hydrated, and this is especially critical at the speeds that today’s trucks can reach. You can drink plenty of water throughout the game, and you’ll be able to feel more relaxed and in shape afterward. If you’re not relaxed enough before the start of the game, it could be difficult to hit your starting blocks with ease. Your breathing might be altered, and this could affect the way your car drives.

If you’re worried about dehydration, you can always drink some soda or eat some candy to stay hydrated. But make sure that these are the kinds of foods that will nourish you and not weigh you down. Eating a lot of junk food will only result in you being sluggish and less able to perform at your best. This, in turn, could affect the way your car handles and accelerates.

How To Act

You’re at a game, people are paying attention, and you’re in a nice, clean place. It’s natural to want to behave in a certain way. But you must keep in mind that you’re at a sporting event and you need to maintain some dignity. This means wearing clothes that respect your position as a spectator and not showing off too much skin or behaving too aggressively.

You also need to refrain from talking about politics or religion. This isn’t your regular Friday night, and you want to keep the vibe as light as possible. If you have to ask why, you might be best served by staying home.

When it comes to being a good sport, you need to do your best to cheer for your team. If you’re a Nashville Predators fan and you see a Toronto Maple Leaf player stumbling, you’re going to shout out a “Yay!” Or if you’re a Steelers fan and you see a Cleveland Browns player, you’re going to let out a “Haaa!” Don’t be that person, but be open to having some fun and don’t be so sensitive that you can’t join in the action when your team does well.

And last but not least, make sure that your cell phone is checked for radiation at the gates before entering the stadium. This is especially important if you’re going to be near the television sets located at various points inside the stadium. The FCC has tightened their restrictions on cell phones in recent years, and you don’t want to give yourself unnecessary stress by constantly fearing that you’re going to get a call that will make you miss your chance at winning.

To be on the safe side, bring a printed copy of the rules to the game. And don’t forget – if you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a good time both on and off the track. So go out there and have fun!

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