What Is A Field Suite At Lowes Motor Speedway? [Answered!]

Do you ever go to the movies and leave the theater wondering what exactly you just watched?

Have you ever attended a show and left the theater feeling confused about the events that took place on stage?

Well, the feeling of being lost in translation is perfectly expressed when referring to a field suite at a NASCAR race. A field suite is a collection of cameras, lights, and other equipment used to document the activity of a NASCAR race. It is usually situated in the middle of the track, just behind the fence where the cars are driving.

If you’re unfamiliar, a NASCAR race is a type of motorsport competition that takes place on tracks around the United States. If you ever viewed a NASCAR race in person, then you know that the vehicles are surprisingly small and maneuverable, especially when they are driven by skilled drivers. The speed is crazy!

The cameras used to document these events are known as field suites because they are typically carried by camera crews that are positioned somewhere in the middle of the track, overlooking the action. This area is often referred to as the ‘field’ during a NASCAR race.

Now, some of you may be asking yourself, ‘Why in the world would I care about a NASCAR race? It sounds like something that only takes place in America, right?’

Well, maybe you should care about NASCAR because it’s HUGE in Europe, too. In 2017, UK fans spent over £600 million on tickets and merchandise related to the sport, making it the country’s second-biggest sport behind only football (soccer). In Germany, fans spent around €400 million on merchandise related to NASCAR in 2016 alone. So, it’s safe to assume that there is a lot of interest in this sport where you come from. It would be a good idea to learn more about it.

The Importance Of The Field Suite

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the media is an important part of any sport’s infrastructure. Every sport has members of the media that cover the events, and some of those members may end up being important figures in the world of their sport. In recent years, fans have gotten used to seeing these members of the media at every major sporting event, chronicling the action and trying to put it into context for the audience that is watching.

However, there is a downside to this habit. As much as I love having journalists at my events, it’s sometimes distracting to have everyone around when there is still football action to watch. The crew working the cameras might also end up as a figure in the entertainment industry rather than a purely’sports’ one, because there is so much crossover between the two. Plus, the more people that are around asking questions, the more opportunity there is for someone to try and grab your attention with another question before the previous one even has a chance to be answered. This is why a field suite at a NASCAR race can be so useful, because it allows the crew to stay unobtrusive while still being able to film everything that is going on.

Now, not all of the cameras used at NASCAR races are created equal. Some of them are much more expensive than others, and usually the bigger the broadcast network, the more expensive the camera will be. It’s not just about money either, as the weight of the cameras also determines how fast they can travel and how high they can get to shoot. Some of the cameras used at NASCAR races can cost up to £500,000, which is a lot of money for a TV crew to spend on a piece of equipment that will only be used once or twice a year!

How About All The Lights?

Another important part of a NASCAR race is the lights. As the name would suggest, the lights are an important part of the action, but they aren’t just there to illuminate the scenery; the lights are also used to signal certain races or events, or to simply make the whole thing more attractive to the viewer.

Now, the type of lights used at NASCAR races can vary from stadium lights that make the whole thing look like a concert, perfect for capturing the action in a bowl game, to simply riding the sunset, making it look like dusk is falling over the track, for example.

There are many different kinds of lights used at NASCAR races, and the more expensive the television network, the more different kinds of lights they will use. This is also because different kinds of lights have different effects on the footage. For example, if you’re using on-ride cameras, then the lights on the track must be changed to keep up with the action, as the camera won’t react well to constantly changing lighting conditions. This is why different kinds of lights will be used at different times during a NASCAR race. Some of the more expensive lights also have flashing functions, which can be particularly useful when used at night, but it really is all about personal preference as to which ones you use.

All The Gears To Manage It All

Speaking of personal preference, there are also the various gears one needs to operate a field suite. First of all, there is the remote that controls the cameras. You can choose from a variety of remotes depending on the brands of cameras you have, but usually you will need to choose between either a handheld remote or a shoulder mount for the camera operator. Some of the more expensive ones also have the capacity to accept video input from several different sources, which allows the operator to switch between live video, taped video, and footage taken by a camera crew that was previously used for another event. This saves a lot of time and ensures that everything is organized and accounted for.

Another important part of the field suite is the tripods. Just so we are on the same page here, a tripod is a three-legged stand used to support cameras, mikes, or other equipment during live TV broadcasts. Tripods are also used to stabilize cameras that are being hand-held during filming, which again, saves a lot of time. Nowadays, most tripods are remotely controlled and can be moved around to different positions as required, ensuring that the camera isn’t necessarily looking in the right direction but still gives the desired effect.

Final Takeaway

Hopefully, this was all informative and a little entertaining. Learning more about a sport you’re interest in helps put it into perspective, and it also shows the importance of the media in putting a sport into context for the average person. As always, thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful.

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