What Is A Speedway Mega Stuffer? [Expert Review!]

As the name suggests, a speedway mega stuffer is a huge stuffed animal that you can buy at the beginning of the Summer holidays in Australia. The Australian summer is pretty warm and long, which means that even animals are trying to make the most of it. The mega stuffer as we know it was first sold in the early 1980s and came with a unique feature: a long tail that could be wagged like a dog’s tail. The speedway mega stuffer was originally designed for use at children’s parties or amusement parks. These days, vendors also use them as a way of attracting families to their shops. It seems that being the world’s largest stuffed animal has its perks.

How Do You Make A Huge Stuffed Animal Mobile?

The vendors that sell the speedway mega stuffer do so by creating tiny apartments for the stuffed animal inside. All you have to do to make it walk is to wind it up and let go of the handle. At first, the bear will wobble a bit, but then it will start moving and you will have to chase it to make it stop.

It is worth noting that the bear can walk for about 15 minutes before it needs a break, so you can put up with it coming and going as you please. Although we are not suggesting you go around assaulting small animals as a way of testing the limits of your new mobile bear, we are sure that you will have some fun with it nonetheless.

Why Do They Call It A ‘Speedway’ Mega Stuffer?

A little nugget of trivia for you: the original speedway mega stuffer was not actually called that. The creators simply wanted to distinguish their creation from other similar stuffed animals on the market at the time. The term “speedway” was first used to refer to the unique long-tailed bear in the 1979 movie On the Fence. Since then, the name “speedway” has stuck and been used to refer to this giant stuffed animal kind in general.

Are There Any Other Species Of Stuffed Animal That Are As Popular As The Speedway Mega Stuffer?

While the speedway mega stuffer is indeed one of the most iconic Australian animals, other stuffed animals have also enjoyed quite a bit of popularity around the country. The koala bear, for example, was originally designed as a joke (and was inspired by a similar stuffed animal called a koala bear that Dr. Seuss wrote about in his book If I Ran the Zoo). However, the Australians have taken their stuffed animals quite seriously, so much so that there is even a Koala Awareness Week in September. It seems that the unique features of these animals – particularly their long arms – are what attracts people to them. One could compare these animals to the Tasmanian Devil in terms of their popularity. While a majority of people have heard of the infamous Tasmanian Devil, fewer might know that there is a stuffed version of it too. Similarly, while most people know what a koala bear is, fewer might know what a margot is (the stuffed version of the marsupial mouse). It would seem that the Australian public has developed a love affair with their unique creatures.

So, we have discussed what is a speedway mega stuffer, the term “speedway” and why it was used, and other similar animals that have been popular Down Under. Before we move on, it is important to note that these animals are all stowed away safely during the summer. When the temperatures start rising, these animals seek out the comfort of air-conditioned rooms, which is where they should be kept to protect them from getting too hot or wet. During winter, when the temperature is cold and damp, these animals would not be able to survive outside, so let them stay indoors in the winter too. It is a good idea to consult your local council or RSPCA office if you are planning on getting one of these animals as a pet, as there might be some rules and regulations around keeping them for the time being. Furthermore, many councils and animal protection groups have banned the sale of these animals due to the fact that they are considered dangerous (mainly due to the fact that they have sharp claws and might pose a threat to small animals and humans alike). It is also illegal to harm or kill a koala bear in Australia.

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