What Is Baps Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

BAPS (short for Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Parking-Sparksidessche Spedition) is the private parking lot located at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER). It is the 12th largest and one of the most modern airport parking lots in the world. The speedway opened its doors in December 2006 and has since been providing excellent service to thousands of airport travelers each year.

What Is It?

BAPS is a fully automated, multilevel parking lot. This unique facility combines traditional parking methods with advanced technology to provide convenience and safety for the driver. Using floor-to-ceiling glass to provide a unique panoramic view of the runway, the multilevel design allows for smooth exits and easy navigation. BAPS also features a number of green mobility spots that can be used to recharge one’s vehicle. Finally, the speedway‘s design allows for quick and easy expansion if needed. This feature makes BAPS ideal for airports that plan to grow in the future.

How Do I Get To Baps?

To get to BAPS, you must first connect to the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport rail station (BER Shultzentrum) using the Airport Express train. This express train service runs between the airport and central Berlin and is the perfect way to get to BAPS without having to worry about traffic or parking. You can also take a bus from Berlin-Tysonsche Haltestelle, located directly across the street from BERS.

Once you are at BERS, you will see the iconic orange and black structure of BAPS in front of you. The lot will be on your right. BAPS entrance is clearly signed and the parking lot is illuminated at night. You can use this entrance to access the parking lot’s interior, which is also illuminated at night.

What Amenities Does Baps Offer?

BAPS provides multiple amenities to make your visit exceptional. This airport parking lot features lounge chairs, trash cans, and garden areas. In the summertime, travelers can enjoy the view of the runway through the transparent flooring that covers the entire parking lot. During winter time, heat is provided by a heat pump that generates 70% more heat than traditional air conditioners. The pavement at BAPS is also ice-free, providing an ideal skating surface. Finally, the unique design of the multilevel parking lot prevents any damage to vehicles due to falling ice or snow.

What Do The Experts Say?

Parking at BAPS is fairly straightforward. Since it is a multilevel parking lot, finding a space is easy. This is especially useful for guests arriving at night. The experts at Airport Guide recommend this airport parking lot due to its excellent location and amenities. “Berlin is the perfect place to connect from,” the guide states. “It is central, but not so big that you can’t find your way around. And there is an excellent public transport system, with connections to all major cities in Germany. This makes it easy to get anywhere.”

What Is The Bottom Line?

Overall, BAPS is a great choice for airport travelers. Not only is it perfectly located next to the airport, but it provides multiple amenities that make the process of parking simple and convenient. It is also one of the most modern parking lots in existence, featuring all the latest security and transportation gizmos. Finally, this airport parking lot accepts all major credit cards, making it suitable for every type of traveler.

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