What Is Best Food At Charlotte Motor Speedway? [Expert Review!]

Whether you’re attending the NASCAR racing event professionally or just want to get a taste of the action, there’s something for everyone. From traditional American fare to authentic pulled pork, and all the various in-between spots in between, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. And with the great selection of food trucks and stalls at the event, there’s no need to miss out on a single street food offering from back home. Here’s a look at the best foods at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Charlotte Motor Speedway event.

Convention Center Chic

While the NASCAR Cup Series has been around for more than 75 years, the 2018 edition was the first held at the new Convention Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. The center, which opened in August 2017, was designed by world-famous architect Hugh MacLeman and boasts state-of-the-art convention space with flexibility for businesses and social events. The center also features 42 bell chimneys and 18 balconies, allowing for spectacular panoramic views.

One of the most talked-about new features at the convention center involves the food and drink choices. There are malls within the center with multiple restaurants and bars serving a variety of foods and drinks, and there’s also a Brew Hill with 16 stalls serving local craft beers, and a Pimento Italian Grill Station serving pasta, salads, and pizza. There are also several food trucks and stalls serving American food specialties, such as fish fryers, green chile buffet, and spicy southern style food.

Traditional American Fare

While there are a variety of food options available at the convention center, many of the restaurants there are serving homestyle American food, with a selection of barbecue, fried chicken, and potato salads being particularly popular. North Carolina is well-known for its traditional barbecue and fried chicken options, and those are two options that make an appearance at the NASCAR speedway. Hot dogs are a popular choice for children, with jalapenos and green chiles being the usual condiments, and a side of pickles being a classically American touch. Some restaurants even offer a corn shucking speciality — perfect for the southern neighborhood citizenry that flocked to the track.

Crafty Cocktails

In addition to great food options, the new CONCOR mall in Raleigh offers a variety of craft cocktails, served in a modern speakeasy theme. The mall’s Taplin Bartow Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge features 16 stools at the bar, as well as an extra long counter for groups. There’s also a private room for birthday parties, stag nights, and other private events. There are several craft cocktail stalls, serving up old school cocktail combinations, like a brown sugar cranberry martini, or a ginger ale cocktail.

Sober And Accurate Predictor Of Future Behavior

One of the best features at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is Trackside Advantage, a new product developed by the National Cancer Society. The sauce is the result of a $125,000 food basket challenge won by the NCA club charity. The sauce is accurately predictive of future behavior, with those who eat it reporting they are 50% more likely to purchase presents for their significant others, and are also 50% more likely to buy gifts for their family and friends. The food truck that drives up and down the populous popcorn farms of North Carolina is loaded with all the traditions of the southern state — from traditional fried chicken to pimento cheese stuffed jalapeno chiles to sweet potato pies — along with a few unexpected elements from outside the south, like mallards (a duck breed).

While the new sport of cycling is just taking off in North Carolina, it’s already brought a bit of Cyclownia to the state. Started in 2009, the NC Cyclotrack festival is held every sprint season, and brings together the state’s most popular cycling clubs, organizations, and individuals. The event features a variety of sports and cycling-related activities, including mountain bike rides, track side food and drink sales, and live music.

What is your favorite food at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series? Tell us in the comments below.

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