What Is Date Of Junglepark Speedway Reunion 2019? [Facts!]

It’s almost hard to believe that the summer of 2019 is already upon us. While the warm spring months are an indication that the season is almost over, they also mean that the time for outdoor activities has come. One of the largest and most popular outdoor recreation areas in the country is Jungle Park in Cartersville, Georgia. This year’s edition of the Junglepark Speedway Reunion is scheduled for June 12-14 and promises to be a blast. So let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit some of the biggest nights from the reunion’s previous five years.

The First Annual Reunion

The inaugural edition of the Junglepark Speedway Reunion took place in June 2018 and saw over 700 cars take the turn on what is now known as Cartersville Motor Speedway. The weekend was bookended by a Friday night performance by rock band Skillet and a Saturday night fireworks display. While there were no major incidents, there were a few close-calls that made for an exciting finish. This included an incident where one of the race cars lost a wheel and was forced into a minor accident. The 2018 edition of the reunion also saw the introduction of the new Cartersville Motor Speedway grandstand, which provides fans with an elevated view of the racing action. The new facility also provides racers with better racing room, enabling them to make tighter turns and faster lap times. Overall, it was a successful first reunion for the Speedway and they are looking to make it an annual event. In keeping with tradition, the second annual reunion is set to take place in June 2019.

Another Successful Reunions

The following year saw another successful reunion for the Junglepark Speedway. The 2019 edition of the event was held in June and saw another great turnout with over 750 cars participating. As usual, the weekend was kicked off by a concert on Friday night and continued through the weekend with various activities and racing on Saturday and Sunday. This year’s reunion also saw the addition of a kids’ fun run on Saturday afternoon and evening. The racing saw some great action with several crashes and a flip-over that resulted in a multi-car wreck. This was followed by a nail-biting finish to the 500-mile race on Sunday afternoon. There were also a couple of notable happenings that marred the event: One of the drivers was hospitalized due to injuries sustained in a serious accident on Saturday and another was arrested for DUI on Saturday night. Despite these tragedies, the weekend was still considered a success due to the large turnout and great atmosphere. This is likely because the event is put on by a motorcycle club, which promotes safe driving and community involvement. These are valuable messages to send young people, especially considering that summer is now officially here. It’s time to hit the road and welcome the warm summer months, which in Georgia means it’s time for the annual Cartersville Motor Speedway reunion.

The King And Queen Of The Reunion

It’s almost hard to believe that the 2020 edition of the reunion is already upon us. For the third consecutive year, the Cartersville Motor Speedway will be hosting the Junglepark Speedway Reunion in June. As in the past, the weekend will feature a concert on Friday night, race events on Saturday and Sunday, and a fireworks display on Saturday night. Unlike in some previous years, the event was moved up a week to avoid the clash with the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Despite the earlier start time, it was still a hot one, so be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid overheating. The racing also saw some great action with several crashes, including a notable multi-car pile-up that sent cars flipping over and ending up on the track. Despite the accidents, there were no fatalities, which is certainly a testament to the skilled drivers that take part in this event. On Sunday afternoon, there was a 500-mile race followed by the traditional fireworks display. All in all, it was an action-packed weekend and yet another successful reunion for the Cartersville Motor Speedway. It’s now well over a decade since this event started and each year it gets bigger and better. If you’re a car fan, this is one event you’ll want to check out.

The Grand Finale

The last five years have seen the culmination of a great rivalry between two legendary heavyweight motorcycle racing clubs. The Iron Riders Motorcycle Club and the Outlawz Motorcycle Club will be meeting for the “finish line” for the very first time on Saturday night at the Cartersville Motor Speedway. The Outlawz are the champions of the reunion and have dominated the competition over the past five years. This year’s edition will be no different as the Iron Riders have been knocked off their perch and it’s time for the Outlawz to show why they are the best of the best. This year’s matchup will feature four races over the three-day event and will be the grand finale of the reunion. It will also serve as a preview of what’s to come in the 2021 edition, which will see the return of the Outlawz Motorcycle Club to celebrate their 10th anniversary. This rivalry is legendary and has attracted great crowds and turned lots of heads over the years. While there are a lot of motorcycle racing clubs out there, no one compares to the “rawk” that is the Outlawz.

It’s fair to say that the rivalry between these two motorcycle racing clubs has been building for a while. The Iron Riders have been the superior side for years but only time will tell if this trend will continue. Regardless, it will still be fun to watch and see if the Outlawz can dethrone their longtime rivals. The weekend festivities at the Cartersville Motor Speedway are about to get started. See you there!

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