What Is Happening At Daytona Speedway Today? [Solved!]

Looking for a day of fun in the sun? You can’t go wrong with Daytona Speedway, especially since it is almost Labor Day weekend. The 2019 NASCAR season kicks off on Wednesday, and you can bet that the tracks will be abuzz with activity. Here is a roundup of everything you need to know about what is happening at the NASCAR racing Mecca today:

The Most Popular Racing Sport

You’d think that with the COVID-19 pandemic lurking around, NASCAR might take a bit of a break, but that certainly was not the case. Despite the health risks, people still went to the racetrack, and more importantly, they still wanted to be a part of the action. As a result, weekly racing was back on the television, and that is a good thing for the NASCAR fans. However, since the start of the year, the viewership numbers have seen a decline. Still, NASCAR is the most popular racing sport in the country and probably the most popular sport in the world.

The Grandest Stadiums

NASCAR doesn’t have the strictest rules when it comes to the design of the stadiums, largely thanks to the television contracts that the sport has. As a result, the tracks are able to hold a variety of events, and it shows. The most popular track, naturally, is Daytona, and it also features an incredible fan experience. The track is a bit small, but it makes for some great racing, and that is all that matters.

The Most Iconic Vehicle

It’s amazing what the sport of NASCAR is able to develop and keep alive over the years. The most iconic vehicle of all time has to be the Ford Model T. There is even an entire city in Alabama that was named after this incredible car, which first rolled off the assembly line in 1913. The Model T was a game-changer in many ways, and it paved the way for the modern-day automobile. It was so successful that it not only created its own niche in the automobile market, but it also inspired other companies to develop their own automobiles. The Model T continues to be a symbol of American culture and technology, and it will remain so for decades to come.

The Most Influential Drivers

It wouldn’t be a true list of what is happening at Daytona Speedway without mentioning the influence that the drivers have had on the sport. In fact, many of the great names in NASCAR history were originally race car drivers. It takes a special breed of person to be able to withstand all of the pressure and trauma that comes with racing at high speeds. It is not for the faint of heart, and that is what makes these drivers so special. They aren’t born with extraordinary talent, as some people believe; instead, they work hard at honing their craft and earning the right to race in the biggest NASCAR competitions. Some of the most influential drivers in the history of the sport include:

  • Richard Petty
  • Cale Yarborough
  • David Pearson
  • Philip Morris
  • Hank Wilson
  • Ted Dillon
  • Arnold Palmer

The list goes on and on. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to withstand the mental and physical stress of high speeds and the occasional crash. These drivers represent the very best of what is unique about NASCAR. Nobody else in the world does it like they do, and that is something that makes it so special.

The Most Influential Teams & Managers

Another way in which NASCAR differs from other sports is in the teams and managers that it blends together. It is not uncommon for owners of multiple race teams to band together and form alliances in order to increase their chances of winning. This type of inter-team cooperation is rarely seen outside of NASCAR, as the owners of these teams usually trust each other and work together. There are currently 67 teams that are registered under the NASCAR banner, and it seems like everyone is trying to band together and form alliances in order to secure better placement at the front of the grid. Just today, it was reported that Roush Racing and Red Horse Racing have reached an agreement that will see the two teams combine their operations and resources. This will undoubtedly save both teams from having to take on huge debts individually. This type of working relationship is great for the sport, because it means that everyone is pulling in the same direction and working hard toward the same goal. This is reflected in the way that the tracks are looking right now, with nearly 70% of the seats already sold for the upcoming season. It seems like everyone wants to be a part of the excitement that is brewing at NASCAR.

The Most Innovative Technology

While many sports completely revamped their broadcasting and/or web platforms in the wake of the pandemic, NASCAR has maintained the status quo, with the exception of maybe holding some online practice sessions. The only real difference that the sport has implemented is through innovative technology. Some of the more recent creations that the sport has introduced include the green flag pit boxes and the interactive dashboards that can be accessed from anywhere within the venue. Another unique aspect about NASCAR is that the drivers and owners are more invested in the success of the sport than in individual competitions. As a result, the sport has adopted the mantra that winning is everything, and that applies to both the drivers and the teams. Being the most popular sport in the country and likely the most popular sport in the world, it is not hard to see why.

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