What Is Speedways Starting Pay? [Expert Review!]

Every year for the past few years, we’ve seen a large rise in the minimum wage. In 2015, it hit $7.25 an hour in San Francisco; in 2018, it reached over $10 an hour in some places. But what does that really mean? Are we truly seeing a rise in living standards? How does speedways, the professional trucking company, see the effects of the minimum wage on their bottom line? Let’s take a look.

Cost Of Living Rising

One of the first places you might think of when you hear about a rising minimum wage is San Francisco. The cost of living there is high, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the city’s minimum wage is among the highest in the country. However, rising living costs have been a consistent theme for the past few years. According to the Cost of Living Index (COLI), costs of buying groceries, renting a one-bedroom apartment, and parking have all gone up considerably in San Francisco. The city’s minimum wage is now at $15 an hour, yet according to the COLI, those earning $15 an hour or less struggle to put meat on the table each month.

The cost of living in San Francisco is high, and it’s been that way for a long time. Since the Great Recession, the city’s cost of living has risen faster than the national average. In 2018, it was 82% higher than the national average. For context, the cost of living in London is 54% higher than the national average, and it’s 49% higher in New York City.

Reducing Employment While Raising Standards

Minimum wage laws are often touted as a way of raising standards of living for low-income workers. However, there’s also the idea that they’ll reduce employment. After all, if you’re paying people more, won’t they be able to afford to spend less time working? What happens when employers have to pay for overtime, healthcare, and other benefits? In Seattle, Washington, there’s been a 30% to 40% drop in employment since the city’s minimum wage went up in 2017. This has particularly been the case for businesses that depend on temporary workers, such as Sea-Tac Airport and Microsoft. In 2019, the Seattle Office of Labor Standards and Equal Employment Opportunity investigated 1,600 cases of alleged wage theft and received 5,400 claims, the highest number of wage claims in the city’s history. According to the Seattle Times, “the main issue seems to be that employers are taking advantage of the lack of information and knowledge about how to properly pay workers.”

The Rising Cost Of Trucking

Did you know that trucking is one of the most expensive sectors of transportation? This is mainly because of the high cost of gas, which accounts for the majority of a truck’s fuel costs. The good news is that technological improvements have brought about a change in how trucks are operated and driven. Combined with average vehicle efficiency gaining, this has resulted in a drop in the cost of trucking and a rise in pricing power for drivers. According to the American Trucking Association, the cost of a trucking job has risen by 24% over the past five years. But even with the increase, it’s still considered one of the most lucrative careers out there. In 2020 alone, the average salary is projected to be $61,000 a year.

How Does Speedways View The Impact Of The Minimum Wage?

Trucking is a highly competitive industry. There are dozens, sometimes hundreds, of companies that engage in freight forwarding. In order to gain a competitive edge, many have to resort to less-than-ethical practices such as shifting, stopping on the side of the road, and undercutting on routes in order to save money. In some cases, these practices are already illegal, but due to the high turnover in the industry, many feel forced to do whatever they can to satisfy their employees’ demands for higher wages. One of the companies that performs this shady practice is Speedways. In 2019, the American Transportation Union (ATSU) filed a lawsuit alleging that the trucking company “routinely violates the overtime and minimum wage requirements,” among other regulations. In the suit, ATSU claims that in order to keep up with the competition, Speedways intentionally underpays their employees and asks for compensation for the past four years of back wages.

Does Speedaways’ Strategy Work?

While it’s easy to pinpoint the issue with the minimum wage when it comes to undercutting competitors and driving costs down, there’s also the question of whether or not this method of operation is sustainable in the long run. In many cases, cost-cutting in this manner can result in a company’s demise. When a corporation reduces costs in this manner, it not only hurts the people that matter the most, it also has a serious adverse effect on the community. For instance, if a company pulls out of a city, that can mean the end of a lucrative industry and the loss of significant numbers of jobs. A major factor in these losses is the lack of training and support for employees, resulting in a continual turnover rate. What’s more is that these practices can put a strain on the environment due to the high fuel consumption of trucks. The overall cost of running a trucking business is massive, and it’s increasing year after year. According to The New York Times, the cost of trucking is now greater than it’s ever been in history, particularly as it relates to fuel costs. What’s more is that since the start of this year, the average price of a gallon of gas is higher than it’s ever been, hitting $4.

Whether or not you agree that a higher minimum wage is the answer to increasing living standards or believe it’ll result in fewer jobs in the long run, it’s undeniable that the cost of doing business is going up.

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