What Is The Degree Of Bank At Dover Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

You may have heard of Dover Speedway. If you have a passing interest in American racing, you may have heard of it. If you are a regular NASCAR fan, you may recognize the track – it’s the place where they hold the Dover Cup, one of the biggest races of the year.

What exactly is the degree of bank at Dover Speedway? Let’s take a look, and you can decide if this is a track you’ll want to check out on your travels.

Track Information

The name Dover Speedway may not mean much to you, but it should. If you are from the UK, it will bring back fond memories. If you are from farther afield, it may mean nothing at all.

Now let’s talk about the track itself. Located in Dover, Delaware, you may want to consider visiting this year. It is a 4.258-mile oval that typically hosts NASCAR races. The track was originally built in 1948, and it has been a part of the Dover International Speedway ever since. The grandstands are incredible and can hold 60,000 people. There are also 12,000 permanent seats in the premium areas of the track. While not all are sold out, there are typically a lot of tickets available. The track surface is asphalt, and it is quite grippy. This is crucial if you want to have a good time on your travels. If you come from Ireland, you may want to look into getting a ferry to cross the ocean for a day and a night to watch some racing. It is one of the biggest sports events in North America.

The Degrees

Now let’s talk about the degrees involved. First, there is the angle of bank. This is the degree to which the track slants uphill or downhill. Most NASCAR tracks are banked between 10-15 degrees. This provides for more exciting racing. The second factor is the configuration of the track. If you are a fan of stock car racing, you should know what a racetrack configuration is. This refers to the shape of the track, whether its a half-mile oval or a mile-and-a-half oval. A lot of tracks use this to add spice to the action. The final factor is the elevation change of the track. This is basically how much the track rises and falls over its whole length. Elevation changes can be anywhere from 100ft to 400ft, and it depends on the specific configuration used. These three elements – angle of bank, track configuration, and elevation change – will determine the degree of bank at a particular track. If you see a degree of bank on a track’s website, it means they have measured it and posted the figure online. If you are doing some research on your own, it’s best to consider this the degree of bank on paper, not necessarily on the track itself. That way you’ll be sure to get an accurate reading.

Practice And Calendars

Speaking of research, let’s talk about the practice and calendars for the upcoming races. The first two NASCAR races of the year are the Daytona 500 and the Kentucky Derby. These are the most important and biggest races of the year, and they usually have the most practice sessions. The Daytona 500 is the first leg of the Daytona Sportscar Championship, a combination of NASCAR and European sports cars. It is held at the end of January, usually in January or February. The Kentucky Derby is another big race, but it is a bit earlier in the year. It is held in May for the first half of the year, and it continues into June for the second half. It is another important race, and it typically has more practice sessions than the Daytona 500. The season officially starts in early March, and it runs through November. During this time, you’ll see different NASCAR races almost every week. There are also off-season events, where the schedule is light because there is no competition. You may get the chance to see some of the top drivers from the year before compete in exhibitions against each other. Some of these exhibitions are a blast to watch, and it’s not just about racing. You’ll also see celebrity appearances, comedy matches, and other events that are associated with the sport. It’s a busy time of the year, but it’s such a rewarding experience to be a NASCAR fan. The entire season is jam-packed with exciting races and other events. If you want to find out more, hit up any reputable NASCAR website. They should have all the information you need.

Race Hub

If you follow racing at all, you’ll know what a race hub is. This is the place where all the action happens, be that on the track or in the pits. The bigger and more established the race, the more sophisticated the facilities. The pits are where the cars stop to change tires and undergo repairs after wrecks. The track itself is where the cars go to make up for lost time and catch up to the leaders. In more recent years, the cars themselves have become more technologically advanced. This has led to a decline in the number of flagrant overtakes. These days, it’s more common to see tire smoke and hear blaring music than it is to see drivers bumping and banging into each other. This is progress, but it also means the races tend to be more expensive to watch. The facilities and amenities at the race hubs vary from track to track, but they are all pretty luxurious. You may find garages and paddocks where the actual racing takes place. There will also be interviews, live updates, and other information about the upcoming races. If you happen to be a subscriber to one of the NASCAR websites, you’ll get access to race hubs for all the major tracks.


For those of you that have a direct connection to the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, traveling there for a NASCAR race is pretty straightforward. You’ll likely have to make a couple of stops, but it’s not difficult. The same goes for Talladega, Alabama, and other large tracks. The only tricky part is taking a flight to a smaller airport, since you’ll generally need a taxi to get to the venue itself. Sometimes it’s faster to take a local bus or drive than it is to wait for a flight to arrive. Smaller tracks may be accessible by rail, so you may have to switch trains in a couple of cities. Driving to the venue should not be too difficult. These days, the Atlanta airport has direct connections to most of the major airports in the US. You can get a direct flight to almost any other destination, so long as it’s not too far from Atlanta. If you are looking for accommodation, there are plenty of options in the airport. A lot of the hotels are four stars and up, so you may want to consider one of them. It’s also worthwhile checking out the Airbnb rentals. You may not get the chance to visit many places in the US during your stay, but you can make the most of your travel arrangements and see some excellent racing.

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