What Is The Pit Pass Price For Kentucky Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

The price for a pit pass at Kentucky Speedway has increased by 300% since 2004. While it’s still relatively inexpensive, it’s certainly no longer the bargain it was back in the day. But what exactly is the pit pass price? And is it worth it? Let’s take a quick look using Chase Bank’s online banking tool, where you can compare deposit and loan offers.

What Is The Difference Between The Pit Pass And Regular Admission?

As the name implies, a pit pass grants you access to the ‘pit’ area, where the cars are prepared for the race. It also grants you access to the garage and storage areas where the drivers change their cars prior to the race. So in a way, a pit pass provides you with a ‘virtual tour’ of the track. It also costs you a little less than a regular admission.

But wait, there’s more! If you go to the garage and storage areas before the start of the race, the security guard may very well ask you for your ticket, as he checks everyone’s tickets. So you’ll have to pay for that too. But you’ll end up paying less in the long run, as you’ll be able to watch the race from more convenient vantage points.

Is It Worth It?

While the cost for a pit pass has increased, the value compared to what you get has decreased. Back in the day, you got to sit in the stands and watch the action from whatever spot you can find. Today, you get to choose your seat and follow the race from anywhere. That’s pretty valuable, considering the cost.

It’s also worth noting that the ‘pit area’ isn’t actually that far from the stands. You can walk to it pretty quickly if you want. So if you’re concerned about missing any part of the race, you may want to opt for a standing ticket instead.

So is it worth it? Well, it’s still relatively inexpensive to get a pit pass, but given the luxury of choice that comes with being able to see the race from anywhere, it’s certainly not something to scoff at. While the standing area might not yet be as far reaching as the grandstands were, the perks far outweigh the cons for getting a pit pass.

How Much Does It Cost To Park At Kentucky Speedway?

The price to park at Kentucky Speedway depends on the time of day and season. During the week, it’s cheaper to park at the track than anywhere else in the city. But on the weekends, it costs the same as anywhere else.

The price per day is $20 at all hours during the week and $25 on the weekends. But if you want to ensure you get a space, you may want to consider parking overnight or during the week. During these times, it’ll cost you $30 per night, as there are no spaces available at any rate during the day, even on weeknights. Weekends are the only time when spaces are guaranteed to be available, so you may want to make the most of them.

Is It Cheaper To Eat At The Track?

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few options for food and drink at the track. From traditional chicken strips and French fries, all the way to gelato and espresso, you’ll certainly have no trouble finding what you want. And it usually costs less than you’d pay in a restaurant downtown.

But the best part is that you can bring your own food and drink, which is completely unrestricted. While it might be tempting to bring a six-pack of beer and picnic basket, you’ll likely get stopped by security if they suspect you’re going to be drinking on the premises, which you’re not. The best thing is that you can eat what you want, when you want, and get away with it.

So is it cheaper to eat at the track? Well, quite often, yes. You get to avoid the rush and find a good seat in the meantime. Plus, you can bring your own food and drink, so no additional fees are incurred. It’d be a shame to pass up the buffet table, especially when it’s laid out before you.

Will You Have A Better Chance Of Winning Or Just Being There?

You never know when good fortune may strike, especially at a place like Kentucky Speedway, where the luck of the Irish is said to run deep. It’s always a good idea to put some money down, just in case you win. But given the luxury of choice that comes with a ticket to the grandstands, it’s certainly not something to be too concerned about.

So does using a smart phone app for the Kentucky Speedway give you a leg up on the competition? Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular options –>

  • GoKarting – Get a free gokarting experience with this app. You drive and race against other people, whose times and positions you can follow. The more you play, the faster you get. With multiple race types (including some time trial events) and upgrades to enhance your performance, there’s plenty here for the whole family.
  • Hoosier Park – Another great option for kids and families. You get to live the life of a child superhero as you fight off creatures bent on destruction. In the end, you’ll be rewarded for your valiant efforts with a tasty slice of cake.
  • Kentucky Sprint Race – Experience the thrill of a 100-mile NASCAR-style sprint race. You can play as either the driver or a pit crew member and get a feel for what it’s like to be on the grid in a car. Afterward, you can use the My Sprint Race App to keep track of your racing stats and progress.
  • World Of Warcraft – Get your wings and fight for Geeza in a land of trolls, vampires, and werewolves. It’s the perfect option for the whole family, as you can bring your tablet device –> equipped with the game – and play it on the big screen TV. Just make sure you’ve got a steady connection and a few hours to spare.

Is It Worth It To Purchase A Pit Pass For A Concert?

Music is one of the best things about sports, isn’t it? Between the cheering and the band tunes, there’s rarely a dull moment. Since most concerts at sports arenas are seated events, getting a pit pass can be a great way to get a feel for the action, without having to worry about getting a ticket punched by an overzealous usher. You won’t be stuck in the cold, and you’ll be able to move if you want. It is, indeed, worth it.

Should You Get A Standing Or Seating Ticket At A Concert?

This depends on what kind of concerts you like to go to. If you like traditional sporting events, especially those featuring a single team, you may want to opt for a seat. But if you enjoy concerts in general, or those featuring multiple bands, take a moment to stroll down the aisles and catch a glimpse of the performers. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Enjoying music and the excitement of a live performance? As they say, you can’t beat the feeling of being ‘right’ there, in the middle of it all.

So what’s the lesson to be learned? While the price of a pit pass has increased over the years, the value has decreased. That’s because being able to see the action from any seat in the house has made the experience worth what you pay for. But it’s still relatively inexpensive to get a pit pass at the track. If you want to catch a concert, or a game for that matter, at Kentucky Speedway, it’s still a great option. Just make sure you budget for parking and have a place to sit once the concert is over.

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