What Is The Size Of Charlotte Motor Speedway? [Updated!]

You might know that NASCAR (the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is a popular American motorsport that involves driving fast cars on long tracks. Well, the sport has grown in popularity and has now branched out from asphalt to ice and snow as well. One of the biggest and most popular racing venues is Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina – also known as “Charlotte” for short. If you’re curious about the size of Charlotte Motor Speedway, check out this page – it will give you a good idea of how big the place is.

Features Of The Track

Just like any other NASCAR race track, Charlotte Motor Speedway has several features that make it a little bit different from the rest. First of all, the track is quite large – about a mile and a half (2.2 km) long. This makes it longer than any other standard NASCAR venue. The track also features several unique and spectacular turns that add to its charm. The layout of the track is also quite complex, featuring four distinct sections: the tri-oval (where most of the racing happens), the flat, the straightaways, and the hill climb. The complex layout makes it easier for the drivers to keep their cars clean and prevents them from spinning out.

The Overall Size Of The Speedway

Since its opening in 1936, Charlotte Motor Speedway has been growing and changing with the times. When it first opened, the track was about a quarter of a mile (0.4 km) long and consisted of just two oval turns. Over the years, the track has lengthened and expanded until it reached its current size. The current capacity of the speedway is about 177,000 spectators – or “seat fillers” as they’re often jokingly referred to. In 2012 alone, nearly 172,000 people attended NASCAR races at the speedway.

How Many Seats Are There At The Track?

The grandstands at Charlotte Motor Speedway are quite magnificent, able to hold about 100,000 spectators. However, the actual capacity of the track is about 177,000, bringing the grand total to about 177,000+. There are numerous reserved and general admission areas throughout the grandstands, providing excellent views of the entire race track.

The Location Of The Track

While most NASCAR venues are located in the South, Charlotte Motor Speedway is one of the few tracks that is actually located in the North. This is a testament to just how popular and well-known the track has become. In fact, most NASCAR fans know exactly where it is located, even if they’ve never been there – which is probably the case for most NASCAR fans. It’s quite the driving destination, with most of the turns and curves located in the southern part of the state. Thus, it is accessible from most parts of North Carolina.

How Is The Access To The Track?

There are multiple ways to get to Charlotte Motor Speedway. The most popular route is via I-485 South or I-77 North from the city center. Those who live further out should take the back roads – especially if they’re not familiar with the route. This way, they will arrive at their destination without any hassles. Those who are coming from further south should avoid the northern route during the week, as there is usually a lot of traffic. Travelling east on I-77 will take you all the way to exit 52 (this will be about a 45 minute drive), while westbound drivers can take exit 50 and get there in about 10 minutes. It’s a good idea to check the traffic reports before heading out on this route.

The History Of The Track

Like any other sport, motorsport has evolved over time and continues to change and grow as new technologies emerge and old ones are eventually replaced. In 1935, the track was originally built as a test bed for innovations in auto racing. In the 1980s, the owners of the track decided to add more turns and lengthen the track so that the races would go for longer. They also added the current tri-oval track, essentially creating a road course on an oval. Thus, the complexity and popularity of the track grew significantly in the following decades.

Today, racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway is extremely popular and there is usually a waiting list of drivers who want to compete there. The track has also set up partnerships with local universities, allowing them to hold special competitions that benefit the local economy. So, although it might not have been built with student athletes in mind, it’s clearly used this way now.


If you’d like to know more about the size of Charlotte Motor Speedway, check out this page – it will give you a good idea of how big the place is. Overall, the track is a fantastic venue and something different from the rest. It holds the record for the longest straight mile in North Carolina (that’s 8.98 miles or 15.39 km), making it quite the driving destination. It’s also one of the few NASCAR venues that are located in the North, meaning that it’s quite accessible to those in the northern part of the state. Finally, if you’re a fan of motorsport and are considering a trip to Charlotte, be sure to check out the track – it might just be the perfect place for you.

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