What Is The Waterless Boat Race At Dixie Speedway? [Updated!]

The waterless boat race is one of the most unique races to take place at Dixie Speedway, and you may not know what it is or how it started. Well, here’s your chance to find out!

The waterless boat race is a one-of-a-kind competition that is a combination between an airplane race and a boat race. It is held annually at Dixie Speedway, and the first event took place more than 70 years ago. The race is officially named the J.D. Power Waterless Boat Race, and it is the fastest growing water sport in North America. Each year the race is contested in early June, and participants are able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Florida Keys during the event. The entire boat fleet is built without the use of water, and as a result, the J.D. Power waterless boat race is also known as the Bluetickler.

The History Of The Waterless Boat Race

The annual J.D. Power waterless boat race at Dixie Speedway first took place on June 2, 1944, and the first event was dedicated to Admiral Richard E. Connole, a naval fighter pilot who had died the previous year. At the time, the U.S. Navy was searching for a replacement for their lost aviator, and this race was an effort to honor the life and legacy of Admiral Connole. In those days, the Waterless Boat Race was run on a dirt track, and it lasted for just under an hour. Fourteen competitors took part in the inaugural event, and they included sailors from four different ships. The winner of the inaugural event was Jack Brimmer, who had been employed with the Navy as a motorboat driver but had also built and flown his own airplanes.

The number of engines and the size of the planes used in the race increased over the years, and in the early 1950s, the number of participants doubled. In fact, from 1951-1956, the waterless boat race at Dixie Speedway grew from an average of just seven to fourteen competitors taking part in each event. The boat race was considered so important to the community that in 1955, a local church sponsored a benefit race, and thousands of people turned out to see the event.

In subsequent years, the waterless boat race took place in early June, but the timing became later and later as traffic became heavier and heavier due to more people traveling during the summer months. In fact, in recent years traffic has become a problem, and organizers have had to find a way to move the event earlier or later to solve the problem. The 2015 event was held on June 1, and it marked the 120th running of the J.D. Power waterless boat race.

A Unique Sport For A Unique Place

The waterless boat race at Dixie Speedway is one of the island’s premier annual attractions, and it’s not hard to see why. Just like with most things at Dixie Speedway, if it’s not unique, then it doesn’t exist. This race combines elements of two different motorsport races – the airplane and the boat – and it gives participants an experience unlike any other. The boats are all about the same size, but they vary in shape and weight, so this adds a layer of strategy as you’re trying to stay afloat during the race. As for the airplanes, the majority of them are vintage WWII aircraft, and it’s amazing to see all of these old planes up close and personal.

The waterless boat race is held at Dixie Speedway, and it’s one of the island’s favorite annual events. For decades now, residents and tourists alike have come together to celebrate the Allied forces – past, present, and future – that kept the spirit of liberty alive during some of the darkest hours of World War II. In 2018, the organizers decided to extend the event to include the whole week leading up to the race on Saturday, and even then, traffic is a major issue because the event actually draws people from across the entire country.

Many different clubs and societies exist in the Florida Keys, and one of the largest and most active is the Bluetickler Racers. This group was founded in 1955 and holds regular practice sessions throughout the year, as well as race meetings in the spring and fall. During these practice sessions, members often work on their racing shells, preparing for the annual J.D. Power waterless boat race. This year will mark the 73rd annual J.D. Power waterless boat race, and it’s always one of the highlights of the island’s racing year. If you visit Florida, then be sure to attend the J.D. Power waterless boat race at Dixie Speedway in early June. You won’t want to miss it!

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