What Is Walt Disney World Speedway? [Updated!]

If you’re flying to Florida this coming winter holiday, you may have heard of the new Disney World Speedway. As the name would suggest, this is an extreme version of Disney World, a place that you can race cars, ridea rollercoaster, and shoot water pistols with your friends. What is this place? Let’s dig in and find out.

The Evolution Of Disney World

In the 1960s, Walt Disney World was originally conceived as a place that families could come together and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Based on Disneyland’s success, Walt Disney decided to expand his resort into a more adult theme park. This was to be something different, and to capture the interest of more seasoned theme park visitors. So, in addition to rides and attractions that children could enjoy, the Imagineers and architects behind Disney World also created adult-themed areas like the Steamboat Springs section of the park, which is centered around a large body of water. This became an integral part of the Disney World experience, and today, visitors can enjoy a swim with manatees or take a ride on a giant tortoise. Additionally, the park now has a small but popular theater, where visitors can see live performances throughout the year and catch a Hollywood movie occasionally. This evolution of Disney World was to bring in a new audience and to keep the existing one engaged.

Walt Disney World Speedway: What Is It?

Walt Disney World Speedway is an all-new, extreme version of the resort. The idea behind this project came from a Reddit user named u/MrLuckyDuck who wanted to bring some of the fun of going to a NASCAR race to Disneyland. This is where the similarities to traditional Disney World end, though, as there is no single location where you can have a picnic or play ping pong. Instead, this is a serious sports and racing park, where the emphasis is not on having fun, but on having a good time. This was first brought to light when u/MrLuckyDuck revealed that he spent over a year preparing for his trip to Disney World, and that he didn’t want to waste a minute of his time. At least, not until he met a friend who agreed to drive his sports car for him. Thus began a year-long journey that involved building a racing team, buying a classic car, and participating in as many races as possible. According to u/MrLuckyDuck, the entire process was a ton of fun, and it also helped him grow as a person. The creator of this project loves racing, and this enthusiasm is reflected in the various forms of racing that this place offers. Additionally, some of the most iconic cars from the 1950s and 1960s are featured, which adds to the appeal for nostalgic fans.

What Is The Demographics Of Walt Disney World Speedway?

From the sounds of it, this new attraction is definitely aimed at a younger audience. Even the name of the place is enough to make most adults raise an eyebrow, as “speedway” is usually associated with something more adult than fun. Furthermore, most people don’t get to experience a NASCAR race, so this may be seen as a novelty opportunity for those who have never been to one. There is no denying that this new attraction is going to be a big draw for kids, as it offers them a chance to act out their favorite childhood movie scenes. However, there is also going to be plenty for adults to enjoy as well. With all-new, adrenaline-pumping rides and attractions, this place is going to keep adults busy for hours.

How Is Walt Disney World Speedway Different From Other Disney Parks?

As mentioned above, unlike other Disney parks, Walt Disney World Speedway is a place where adults can have fun. This is because there is no single element that makes it distinct from other resorts; it is a combination of several attractions and experiences that contribute to its uniqueness.

For starters, this park is centered around motorsports. As a result, the rides are all-new and they pump you up with every single turn. Additionally, the whole place has a very authentic look and feel. If you compare the architecture of this place to other Disney parks, you’ll see that it is much more aggressive in its styling and there are no straight lines throughout the whole structure. Furthermore, many of the rides and attractions are situated in the nature-themed areas of the park, which are set apart from the rest of it. This is to give you a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it nicely symbolizes the original vision of Walt Disney World – connecting families and friends while offering a different take on what a Disney park should be.

Is There A Plan For Disneyland To Get In On This Action?

According to the Reddit user, this is the first of a series of projects that he is working on, and he is considering expanding it to other US cities. Regardless of where you stand on motorsports, it is great to see another Disney park venture into the field. This is a brand that has always been associated with family-friendly attractions and memories, so it is delightful to see them branch out into new areas and try new things. This may also be a way to keep some of the original theme park visitors while attracting new spectators. Who knows? It could even become a regular part of Disneyland’s annual schedule.

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