What Kind Of Drug Test Does Speedway Do? [Fact Checked!]

Last year, the National Hockey League (NHL) became the first pro sports league to implement a fully recreational drug testing program for their players. The NHL is known for putting a premium on both physical and mental toughness, so it’s not a huge surprise that they would go this route since they value those qualities so much in their sport. To follow suit, other leagues and teams are looking to the NHL’s lead and are taking the step towards establishing their own drug testing programs. Some will use the software package DrugTest.com to implement their plan, while others will opt for using their own drug-testing company’s services.

Why The Speedskate As An Optimal Testing Site

The Colorado Avalanche, the top-seeded team in the NHL’s Western Conference, announced last year that they will be implementing a fully-recreational drug-testing program for their players beginning in the 2021-2022 season (here). To prepare for the program, they hired an outside agency to help them develop and implement their drug-testing policy. That company, DrugTest.com, has an expertise in sports drug testing and was the ones that helped the Avalanche come up with their plan.

As a preferred partner and global leader in sports drug testing, DrugTest.com has worked with many professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams to create customized drug testing and education programs. What sets the Avalanche’s program apart from others is the fact that they opted to use the internet and platforms like Discord and Skype to communicate with coaches, trainers, and other teammates. They also wanted to find a way to incorporate educational components into their program, so they came up with the idea of having players take a survey before and after games to find out what drugs they used and how they felt after using them. They could then use that information to better educate themselves and their teammates about the long-term effects of various drugs.

How Effective Is Esports In Relation To Sports?

Not only do NHL players value education, they also value being able to contribute to the team’s success, which is why they want to incorporate educational components into their drug-testing program. In the past, many sports scientists and coaches have pointed out that video games can actually exercise your mind as much as your body, so it’s no wonder that some athletes are starting to use gaming platforms in tandem with traditional sports training.

The video game industry grew by 18% in 2019 according to the New York Times, which isn’t even close to being a trend that will slow down. With all of this development, companies are starting to see the potential for using games to educate as well as entertain their users. This has led to the rise of ‘esports’ – competitive video gaming – and the companies that operate these platforms are realizing the importance of incorporating educational components into their games.

One of the most popular esports titles in the world is Fortnite. The game developers at Epic Games, which owns Fortnite, have decided to focus on creating an environment that encourages educational growth and anti-drug messaging. This is why they have put in place several in-game mechanisms that try to educate players about the perils of drug use. The developers behind Fortnite wanted to create a gaming environment that would help young people understand the long-term effects of drug use and the importance of staying clean.

The Downsides Of Traditional Sports.

There are some major downsides to traditional sports. Aside from the fact that they can be extremely dangerous due to the nature of some of the sports that are included in the category (like hockey and football), they can also be extremely taxing on your body. Although some athletes are able to find physical and mental benefits from participating in sports, the majority of the population will simply end up paying for it in some way.

Additionally, the equipment that you need to play sports can be extremely expensive. One of the main reasons why the NHL went above and beyond in terms of creating a fully-recreational drug-testing program is that they want to save money in areas where they can. They also want to cut out the element of chance that goes along with doping. If they knew for sure that a player was doping, then they would have to deal with it whether he wins or loses.

The Advantages Of Testing For Drugs In Esports.

Testing for drugs in esports has several advantages. For one thing, it can be a great way to educate your users about the perils of drug use. The developers behind Fortnite recognized that there are a lot of adolescents in their audience, and many of them suffer from drug addiction. So, they decided to put in place several mechanisms within the game that would encourage players to make the right decision and choose to stay away from illegal substances. Some of the ways that they did this include ensuring that all of the main characters in Fortnite speak in a slang that is associated with drugs, displaying cartoonishly animated drug facts next to game elements, and adding in-game text that would pop up when the mouse hovers over certain items.

A second advantage of testing for drugs in esports is that it can be a way to determine the performance of the team. Just like with any other type of sport, some gamers will enhance their performance with drugs, while others will perform better without them. Knowing which one you are able to support can help you choose the right team to follow during a tournament.

A final advantage of testing for drugs in esports is that it is a way to save money. Some sports organizations, like the NHL, are able to save a great deal of money by having a fully-recreational drug-testing program rather than a onesie-sport-specific drug-testing program. They want to use that money for other areas of the game, like marketing and creating more recreational activities for their fans. By saving money through one source, they are able to generate more revenue in other areas of the game. Plus, they don’t have to pay for expensive drugs that they may or may not use.

From a health standpoint, testing for drugs in esports is also beneficial because it can be a way to find out which drugs your users are taking and how they are performing while on them. It also provides them with the opportunity to wean themselves off of stronger, more dangerous drugs. By detecting the presence of drugs in your users, you will also be able to take necessary action to ensure that they are safe and well-informed about the effects of various drugs. With all of these advantages, it is clear to see why many are choosing to test for drugs in esports.

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