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This week’s episode of Arrow is titled “The Longest Journey,” and it’s one of the most exciting episodes of the show yet! Although we’ve known for a while now that Malcolm and his team of exes are traveling back in time to try and save the life of a young Sara, this week’s adventure is going to be unlike anything the audience has seen before. The hour-long episode will not only introduce us to the characters and the setting of the Victorian era, but it will also reveal a whole slew of plot twists and turns. If you are a fan of action-adventure and/or time-travel stories, then you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!

An Enchanting Time

The world of Arrow is inhabited by a host of colorful characters, but one of the most charming aspects of the show is how it captures the essence of the Victorian era. This week’s episode really dives into that atmosphere and makes the most of it, casting aside the bright neon lights of Starling City for the softer illumination of the period. We see people dressed in crisp black-and-white garb, drinking tea out of delicate china cups, and playing croquet with the sun setting in the background. It’s an enchanting time, and it’s one that will feel familiar to anyone who’s ever read a book by L.W. Marston or listened to a record by Alfred Hitchcock.

Reruns And Regrouping

One of the most intriguing facets of “The Longest Journey” is how it rewrites the timeline of the show. For those of you who may be newcomers to the Arrowverse, the show retcons its past events and set-up a different timeline for the characters. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen the return of several deceased characters, including Oliver’s father and the vigilante The Hood. Malcolm Merlyn also returns to Starling City and uses his mysterious device of choice to change the past, allowing him to make necessary amendments to history. It means that all of the established relationships in the show are completely altered, and while some fans may find this confusing, it’s actually one of the most fascinating aspects of the episode. It opens up the opportunity for fascinating storytelling, and writers’ rooms across the country should take note!

All The Tricky Tricks Of Time Travel

Another thing that makes “The Longest Journey” so fascinating is how it tackles time travel head-on. In the comics, the concept of time travel usually involves a certain degree of caution, and many stories revolve around the question of whether or not it’s possible to alter one’s own past. However, the writers of Arrow have taken the time travel trope and run with it, fleshing out an entire episode around the question of whether or not it’s possible to change the course of history. It’s a conversation that’s been posed in various forms for as long as people have been thinking about time travel, and it’s one that’s been asked by the characters, as well. The team behind the show went out of their way to bring in experts to help them tackle the question of whether or not it’s possible to alter history through time travel, seeking out historians and scientists, who were all surprisingly entertaining in their responses. This was an incredible creative choice by the writers, and it brings to light the wealth of imagination that exists within the confines of this incredible show.

A Whole Lot Of Character Development

One of the things that makes this episode of Arrow so great is the way it develops its characters. In the comics, this kind of story arc often focuses on a protagonist going back in time to make sure that things turn out the way they were supposed to. Typically, the character starts off the episode as a somewhat arrogant and self-centered individual, and by the end, they’ve somehow managed to grow as a person. This week’s episode is no different, as we see several key characters go through a process of self-discovery as a result of the time travel. Several of the characters have been through some soul searching, and they’ve come back with new, enlightened perspectives on life. This is just what the show needed, as it’s always been a little bit stagnant at the forefront, lacking in fresh characters and situations. Now that the writers have their protagonists going back in time and changing history, they have the chance to show off how much they’ve improved and developed as storytellers since the first season!

A Whole Lot Of Set-Design

One of the other things that makes “The Longest Journey” so memorable is its incredible set design. There’s a reason why the producers of the show went all-out on the Victorian era this year: they’ve poured all their creative energy into making this look real. Every scene is suffused with an aura of authenticity, from the way the characters talk to each other to the way they live their lives, and that deserves some sort of recognition. It’s not only the costumes that are spot-on; the sets for this episode are incredible and bring to life the elegant charm of the period. We’ve seen glimpses of this level of craftsmanship before, and it continues here, making “The Longest Journey” one of the best looking episodes of the show yet!

All The Right Questions

Another thing that makes “The Longest Journey” so great is how it treats its viewers like real scientists and historians, as opposed to an audience of laypeople. Throughout the hour, we’re presented with questions and conundrums that are based on real-life time travel dilemmas. Many of which were actually asked by the characters themselves. It was fascinating to watch the writers dive into the “what ifs” of time travel and bring up questions that were once posed in hushed tones in academic settings. For example, we’re asked whether or not it’s possible to alter one’s own personal history. It wouldn’t be surprising if this episode prompted a lot of thinking and conversations about the topic, as scientists believed that the answer was “yes” and continued to ask the question long after time travel became a reality. It’s great storytelling, and it’s brought to light the fact that while this show may be fictional, it’s actually teaching us new things about the real world!

That’s all for this week! Make sure to let us know what you think about “The Longest Journey” in the comments below!

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