What To Wear To Speedway? [Facts!]

This week marks the 74th running of the Indianapolis 500, one of the greatest sporting events in the world. As an American, you have the option of following the race either live or on TV. Some people prefer to be with the live audience and experience the thrill of the race from the stands; others tune in to watch the action unfold on their favorite sports channel. If you’re among the latter, then you’ll want to get your skates ready! We’ll tell you what to wear to the biggest race of the year.

Dress To Impress

Being the greatest sports car race in the world, the Indianapolis 500 tends to attract some of the most famous people in the world. Even before the race, starstruck fans will line up outside the stadium just hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. As you might imagine, you can’t make everyone happy, so you have to pick and choose your spots when coming to town. One safe option is to dress up in your most comfortable and stylish outfit for the occasion and let the amazing stories and stunning outfits do the talking!

You’ll want to steer clear of anything too ostentatious or showy; after all, you’re there to impress the people who matter. For men, a slim fitting shirt and casual slacks, preferably in a complementary color are the perfect starting point. For a sportier look, opt for chinos or any kind of slim fit pants. For a simple look, go with the classic black or white dress shirt and a solid color sport jacket. Keep your accessories minimal so that the focus remains on the shirt and whatever it is that you’re wearing, whether it be a tie or a blazer.

Classic But Classy

The Indianapolis 500 is a truly American phenomenon; it celebrates the “common man” and his “common woman” who through hard work and ingenuity can rise above his or her circumstances and become an inspiration to others. For that reason, the Indy 500 tends to shy away from anything too trendy or flashy. In the past, fans have taken issue with this mentality, especially in recent years, whenever a celebrity has taken part. One of the greatest scandals in the history of the race involved the “designer” sports car driver Dan Wheldon in 2011. He was fatally injured in a car accident during a race, and many people accused his team of trying to upstage the occasion by wearing designer clothing.

While most drivers opt for a clean and classic look, today many fans will point out that some of the outfits are rather elegant. One of the best examples is Jimmie Johnson. The former NASCAR champion regularly wears a classic look with a stylish twist; typically, he wears a white dress shirt with a slim fit tie. Even during the race, he wears a simple design, but one that is classic and classy all the way. The same goes for Scott Dixon, who is another great example of a clean and elegant driver.

Sporty, But Not Too Trendy

If a fan favorite wants to keep the focus squarely where it should be, he or she can opt for a more athletic look. Since the Indy 500 tends to shun anything flashy, many drivers have taken the opportunity to sport some stylish threads. One of the best-known and most decorated outfits belongs to A.J. Foyt, the colorful owner of the car company that bore his name. Foyt is credited with inventing the “buddy-buddy” hug, which he used to great effect when receiving his two NASCAR racing driver’s championships. One of the other most fashionable drivers is Takuma Sato, who regularly wears a chic and trendy look that is steeped in tradition.

As you might imagine, some of the outfits are a little more exclusive than what you’d typically see at a typical auto race. If you drive for Chip Ganassi, you’ll often find yourself in a position to pose for photos with a famous fashion designer. In 2013, Ganassi was given the “Champion Owner” award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and the following year he was named “Owner of the Year” by the CFDA.

Dressing For The Occasion

One of the beauties of the Indianapolis 500 is that it allows fans to dress the way they want to celebrate the occasion, whether it’s in a fancy dress or their Sunday best. Whatever you feel like is fair game, as long as you keep within the guidelines set by Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You may want to check the guidelines before the big day, as they do ask that you refrain from indecent exposure and vulgarity. Even if you don’t plan on going any where near the Speedway, it’s a good idea to brush up on your football knowledge, as the stadium will be filled with people wearing their orange and blue gear.

Many fans feel that the Indianapolis 500 is the best sporting event in the world, and it’s easy to see why. It allows for all sorts of fans, both old and new, to come together and celebrate a common interest: cars and racing! Thanks for reading! We hope this article will help you figure out what to wear to the Biggest Race in the World!

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